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"New Leads" is the twentieth episode of the sixth season. It was written and directed by Brent Forrester who wrote, "Mafia," "Blood Drive," and "Business School." It aired on March 18, 2010.


The sales staff lets Sabre's new "sales is king" policy get to their heads, frustrating Michael and the rest of the non-sales staff. The sales staff are expected to receive new leads from the corporate office and when they arrive, Michael refuses to give them to the sales staff due to their newfound cocky behavior, which earns him the respect of the non-sales staff. After talking on the phone with Gabe Lewis about their attitude, Michael is ordered to hand out the leads. However, he decides to give them to the non-sales staff. They all hide them throughout the office, and Jim is given a list of clues as to where to find them. Erin plays the warmer-colder game with Andy, who thinks she is trying to have him touch her chest, only to find leads under the keyboard. Angela forces Phyllis to do unnecessary paperwork. Stanley wins leads from Ryan and Kelly by pretending to agree with various points they're making during an argument.

When Dwight returns from a sales call, he is given a clue that leads him to Kevin, who tells him that some of the leads are in the trash. However, the trash is empty, so Dwight checks the dumpster, which is also empty. Michael sees that the garbage truck had emptied the dumpster already, so he and Dwight go to the dump to find them.

Meanwhile, the sales staff acknowledge their cocky behavior and plan to offer the non-sales staff some pastries and 2% of their commissions. However, before mentioning their commissions offer, the non-sales staff seem to be just happy with the pastries and they accept their apology, so the sales staff withholds their commissions offer. At the dump trying to find the leads, Michael calls Dwight out on his cocky behavior and the two start throwing trash at each other until they get exhausted. Instead, they bring a beanbag chair back to the office for their own uses.

At the end of the episode, Andy and Erin try to look for the leads at the dump after work. When Erin gives Andy her jacket when he gets cold, he tells her that she's the nicest person he's ever met and kisses her.

Cultural references

  • A lead is a person who has expressed an interest in purchasing a product or service.
  • Johnny Depp is an actor known for roles such as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.
  • Cap'n Crunch is a sweetened cereal for children.
  • Jim teases Michael by suggesting that his neighbor's name is M. Night Shulman. M. Night Shyamalan is a filmmaker and screenwriter who grew up and lives in Pennsylvania and films nearly all his movies in that state.
  • Dwight tells Michael, You couldn't handle my undivided attention, a reference to the line "You can't handle the truth" from the movie A Few Good Men.


  • The scenes where Michael, Dwight, Andy, and Erin are at the dump were actually taken using a green screen.


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