"New Girl" is the fifth episode of British Office. It was written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant and aired on August 13, 2001 on BBC Two.


The episode begins with Tim Canterbury telling Gareth Keenan that he wants to leave Wernham Hogg so he can return to university to study psychology.

Donna arrives in late for work, which both Gareth and David Brent take note of. When David asks her where she was, she tells him that she was at a man's house and points out there was a lot of sex. David asks her if it was with someone at the office, and she tells him it was.

Despite redundancies, David feels the need to hire a new secretary and narrows the candidates down to a man named Stuart Foot and a woman named Karen Roper. Stuart is interviewed first, and during the interview, David made no effort to hide the fact that he had no interest in hiring Stuart. While being interviewed by David, Stuart attempts to make small talk by discussing lyrics to a song that David had on his wall, which led to David singing the entire song. Stuart is then told he hasn't got the job.

David then interviews Karen and tells her to tell her about herself. When she mentions that she went traveling in Asia, David asks if she's got a boyfriend. She tells him that he hasn't. David then tells he that he is "charmed" by her and gives her the job on the sole basis that she is a woman. He then asks her if she wants to go out to a nightclub later and she accepts the invitation.

Keith Bishop talks to Tim about Tim's plans for resigning. Keith mentionsthe events of Training, where Tim asked Dawn Tinsley out, not knowing that she had got back together with Lee, and believes that is the reason Tim is leaving. Keith talks about how he watched Peak Practice despite the episode he watched being a rerun, and goes on to tell Tim about how much he enjoys watching the show. When he asks Tim what he did last night, Tim tells him that he stayed at home and masturbated

Gareth attempts to flirt with Donna by asking her out to a health and safety seminar which is taking place later, and tells her that it is compulsory.

David attempts to display his (lack thereof) soccer skills, and ends up headbutting Karen.

During lunch, Dawn asks Tim if he wants to go out for drinks with her and Lee. Gareth joins them and immediately asks Tim if he was trying ask Dawn out.

Later, Gareth is leading a health and safety seminar, however, he only uses it as an excuse to be alone with Donna so he can ask her who she had sex with. During the "seminar", he demonstrates the danger of placing fluids on top of a computer. The next exercise consists for how to lift objects correctly. When he asks her who she slept with, she quickly leaves. However, Gareth then believes that Donna was an "excellent pupil" and "fast learner", and gives her an "A" grade.

Gareth watches Donna flirt with another employee, and asks David if he's going to fire the employee she has sex with. David tells him that he can't do anything about it. Gareth also puts forward the possibility that she is a lesbian, which David immediately dismisses.

Chris Finch arrives at the offices and explains to David, Gareth and Tim about how he had sex with a 19-year-old girl, and then explains their plans for later. Tim doesn't know where they're going for the night, but believes it will be something like opera or ballet. He also mentions the possibility that they might be going to a nightclub called Chasers, where "Wonderbras" get in for free.

The group go to Chasers, where Finchy flirts with a girl and makes fun of David. Gareth tells a group of girls that condoms come in different flavors, which creeps them out. Finchy takes notice of Donna, and makes a rude comment about her. David tells him that she's living with him, and not to say anything about her. David, who is now drunk, meets a girl and lies about how he said he would risk his job when redundancies where being made, and that his employees love him, and he loves them.

David and Gareth see Donna making out with Ricky Howard but try to ignore them. Gareth makes out with a girl while a man watches them. The girl reveals herself to be married and that the man watching them is her husband. When Gareth is told this, he immediately leaves. Donna reveals herself to be Ricky's girlfriend and tells David that she isn't coming home. Later, David reads a poem about Slough and criticizes the poem for creating a bad image of the town.

While Tim goes home, David tries to persuade him to come back for another drink.


Main Cast

Supporting Cast

  • Oliver Chris as Ricky Howard
  • Ralph Ineson as Chris Finch
  • Sally Bretton as Donna
  • Nicola Cotter as Karen Roper
  • Robin Ince as Stuart Foot
  • Robin Hooper as Malcolm
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