Mrs. Albert Hannaday is a movie that Andy had pirated in the episode Stress Relief, which he watched with Jim and Pam. Andy gets very emotional during the movie, while Jim and Pam largely ignore the movie and instead, unbeknownst to Andy, discuss Pam's parents' fragile marriage. Andy mistakenly perceives their conversation as an analytical commentary of the movie, and being unable to understand how their comments are relevant to the movie's plot, Andy comes to the conclusion that Jim and Pam are "movie geniuses."

Mrs. Albert Hannaday is not a real movie that exists outside of the context of The Office. The handful of scenes that are shown were invented specifically to be watched by Andy, Jim, and Pam.


Plot SynopsisEdit

Sophie introduces her boyfriend Sam to her grandmother, Lily, who Sam later falls in love with. Sam and Lily initially pursue a relationship in spite of Sophie, but Lily later decides not to continue her and Sam's relationship after discovering that Sam has lied to her about something that is never revealed in the few scenes that are shown. Lily is later seen making out with another man, leaving Sam shocked and sad.


  • In the first scene where Sophie introduces Sam to Lily, the originally-aired version shows more of the scene on-screen, while the version on Netflix cuts away to Pam on her phone while only the audio of the second half of the scene can be heard.
  • The scene where Sam discovers Lily with her new boyfriend is omitted entirely from the version on Netflix
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