Jim: The new receptionist is also named Kelly - so, Kelly Kapoor has decided to hover around my desk, so that she can run into Charles's office every time he calls for Kelly. She thinks, if he says "you wanted me" enough, he will in fact want her...It's not the worst plan she's ever had.

Charles: I'm gonna call you "Kapoor", and you, "Hannon"
Erin: If we're changing names, can I be "Erin"? That's my middle name.
Charles: "Erin"? OK - that's...very pretty.
Kelly: Well, you know what my middle name is? Rajnigandha - and I hate it...I HATE it!!!
Kevin: I thought Rajnigandha was a boy's name.

Dwight: Yes, I am taking Andy hunting after work. Not long ago we were sexual competitors. I used to hate him, hate him, hate him, hate him. I studied him, to figure out why I hated him so much. But that blossomed into a very real friendship, as these things often do.

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