An understated running joke on the show is that Michael Scott is drawn to sweet-tasting foods and drinks.


  • He insists on a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake for Meredith's birthday party ("The Alliance").
  • Every year, he eats lots of cake on his birthday and then has a sugar crash ("Michael's Birthday", deleted scene).
  • He gets a pretzel with 18 sweet toppings ("Initiation").
  • At David Wallace's cocktail party, he asks for Splenda (an artificial sweetener) to add to his scotch ("Cocktails").
  • He asks for a lollipop from his doctor (a pediatrician) ("Fun Run" deleted scene).
  • At the coffee shop, he ordered a hot chocolate with a shot of peppermint ("Chair Model").
  • At the club, he orders chicken fingers and a midori sour. When he learns that they don't serve food, he asks for a cup of olives and a cup of maraschino cherries. ("Night Out")
  • He takes two brownies, so he can eat them later on ("Frame Toby"). "Much healthier," he explains.
  • He pours sugar into a diet soda ("The Surplus").
  • He eats tiramisu that had been thrown in the garbage ("The Surplus").
  • He orders a "one of everything": Scotch, absinthe, rum, gin, vermouth, triple sec, and two packs of Splenda ("Moroccan Christmas").
  • He hosts a pancake luncheon for prospective clients ("Michael Scott Paper Company").
  • He drinks milk and sugar in the morning ("Broke").
  • He asks for cocoa upon returning from an ill-fated sales call ("Koi Pond").
  • At the bar, he orders grenadine ("Happy Hour").
  • His favorite breakfast is Hostess apple pie ("Classy Christmas").

Other references

Michael has a monthly dental appointment, ostensibly for his soft teeth ("Moroccan Christmas").

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