Michael Scarn is the main hero of Michael Scott's movie, Threat Level Midnight. Michael Scarn is portrayed by Michael Scott.


Michael Scarn was the best top-secret agent in the business. Scarn saved the NFL Pro Bowl game, the MLB All Star game and the NBA All Star game from Goldenface. Later, he took one day off to run a 20K with Robin Williams, which happened to be one year after the day his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones Scarn was killed by Goldenface at the WNBA All Star game. Michael Scarn believes he is part Bruce Wayne, part Bruce Willis and part Bruce Vilanch. Scarn owns a robot butler named Samuel L. Chang. One morning Samuel woke Michael up to say that President Jackson needed Michael for an urgent mission. The mission: find the bomb(s) in the stadium hosting the NHL All Star game -because it would cost too much money to cancel the game- and rescue any hostages. The President owned the stadium. If Michael and the people go to the hostages, they die. Jackson told Scarn that they are at threat level: MIDNIGHT. Scarn played heads or tails best out of 7 to decide if he will do the mission or not. The game is 3 days away. Scarn didn't know a hockey stick from a Slim Jim. He worked for Cherokee Jack until he became a hockey star.


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  • Fish sandwiches
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