Michael Klump is one of the many alter egos that Michael Scott created. He uses it to make fun/"celebrate" fat people. Michael Klump's catch phrase is "I say, I say, I say, I'll sit on you!"


Michael Klump is first introduced to the show when Michael comes into a meeting telling everyone that if you are obese, you will die. Holly Flax is shocked, but the rest of the office recognize Michael Klump as a character Michael uses to make fun of fat people. In the episode Weight Loss, Michael repurposes the character as a celebration of fat people.

To assume the character of Michael Klump, Michael puts on a partially-inflated sumo suit (which he purchased (not rented) in the episode Beach Games), then wears plus-sized clothing over it. The name "Klump" most likely comes from the morbidly obese character Sherman Klump in the 1996 version of the movie The Nutty Professor.

When trying to impress a date, Michael suggests to Jim that he should do Michael Klump and repeats the character's catch phrase. ("Happy Hour")

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