Dwight refers to Michael as "the one person I have been hired to protect." Because of his authoritative personality, Dwight worships his boss. He sees Michael as a means to an end, and thus bends over backward trying to please him. Dwight is always the first to jump in on Michael's hare-brained schemes but to the contrary of his ideas isn't really the number one in Michael's eyes (Jim Halpert and Ryan Howard seem to come before him).

As well as shown in an earlier episode in the series (The Coup) Dwight finds it hard to betray Michael. This is shown as Dwight is not sure whether to ask to become the Regional Manager. In the end, he apologizes to Michael and begs for forgiveness.

Michael finds Dwight irritating but enjoys the attention and devotion Dwight lavishes upon him.

Michael does care about Dwight and helps him. Such as when he gives a speech before Dwight in Dwight's Speech or how he was best man at Dwight's wedding in Finale.


  • In the episode Dunder Mifflin Infinity, Michael tells Dwight to hang up the phone while Dwight is calling a cab, to pick them up at Lake Scranton, the lake Michael drove them into. Dwight does so immediately and without question.
  • In the episode Murder when Michael walks out of the conference room on his phone Dwight briefly follows him to give help.
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