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To whom it may concern, the dictionary defines superlative as: of the highest kind, quality, or order, surpassing all else, or others. Supreme. I define it as Dwight Schrute. As a sales executive, as a leader, as a man, and as a friend, he is of the highest kind, quality, and order. Supreme.

—From Michael's Recommendation Letter to Dwight, Goodbye, Michael

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Dwight refers to Michael as "the one person I have been hired to protect." Because of his authoritative personality, Dwight worships his boss. He sees Michael as a means to an end, and thus bends over backward trying to please him. Dwight is always the first to jump in on Michael's hare-brained schemes but to the contrary of his ideas isn't really the number one in Michael's eyes (Jim Halpert and Ryan Howard seem to come before him).

As well as shown in an earlier episode in the series ("The Coup") Dwight finds it hard to betray Michael. This is shown as Dwight is not sure whether to ask to become the Regional Manager. In the end, he apologizes to Michael and begs for forgiveness.

As the series went on, their relationship started to become more conditional, often getting them into more fights and falling outs, but they still show a genuine fondness for each other, and continue to be close friends.

It's no secret that Michael finds Dwight irritating but enjoys the attention and devotion Dwight lavishes upon him.

Michael does care about Dwight and helps him. Such as when he gives a speech before Dwight in "Dwight's Speech" or how he was best man at Dwight's wedding in "Finale."

Season 1

The first interaction seen between Michael and Dwight was in the "Pilot". Michael shouts to them "Whasssssupp!" and they play along. When Michael calls a conference room meeting, Dwight is absolutely desperate to help out Michael, much to his annoyance. And after Jim encases Dwight's staples in jello, for the third time, he asked that Michael discipline him, which to much of Dwight's dismay, he does not do.

In "Diversity Day," Michael begins a initiative to emphasize diversity in the workplace, assigning Dwight the role of Asian; Dwight is oblivious to the hints Pam drops about what he's supposed to be playing, to which Michael requests she "pushes it." Pam tells him that they may be bad drivers, and Dwight yells if he's a woman.

When Michael is forced to choose a cheap health care plan for his office because of downsizing, in the episode "Health Care," and places Dwight in charge for the day so he can delivery the unpleasant news. Dwight is naturally ecstatic and picks the cheapest possible plan with virtually no benefits. When Dwight tries to fire Jim but can't because he's only acting manager, he calls Jan to ask for permission; she tells him no and is infuriated at Michael for making Dwight in charge and leaving without being told. Dwight tells Michael to call her back.

In "Basketball," Michael plans to pit the office staff against the warehouse crew in a friendly game of basketball; Dwight confronts Michael, and both of them go talk in Michael office. Dwight suggests that he should be on the team, but Michael disagrees, saying that he can't let him play because of his previous behavior. Instead, Michael gives him a temporary charge of handling the holiday and weekend. Dwight takes the position without any doubt.

Season 2

In "The Dundies," Dwight is excited to participate in Michael's annual embarrassing awards ceremony. When Dwight learns someone wrote something on the women's bathroom wall, he immediately demands to know what it is, and when no one tells him, he attempts to find out for himself, only to be caught by Phyllis and embarrassed. When the actual awards ceremony happens, Dwight helps Michael host, even as all his jokes fall flat.

When Michael is ready to finalize purchasing a condo in "Office Olympics," Dwight heavily insists that he comes with him to provide a second voice in the matter, and Michael very reluctantly agrees. When they arrive, Michael admires his condo, until he realizes that he's looking at the wrong house. When they go in, they're greeted by Carol and Bill, who quickly them for a gay couple, something the both of them remain completely oblivious to. Both Dwight and Michael start to realize that the purchase is a mistake after learning its a 30-year-mortgage; Dwight comments on this, saying that he's basically buying his own coffin, and that he was buying his own coffin, he'd get one with bigger walls, so he wouldn't hear the other dead people. After Carol explains to Michael, however, that backing out of the sale would lose him $7,000, Michael reluctantly buys the place, and tells Dwight that he'll "let" him rent out his third bedroom. Dwight asks him a series of increasingly bizarre questions, that drives Michael to take back his offer. Dwight is relieved, as he already owns a 60-acre beet farm with his cousin Mose. When the two arrive back at the office, they are rewarded with makeshift gold and silver metals for closing out the deal.

Dwight Sings "Ryan Started the Fire!"

In "The Fire," Dwight becomes jealous of Ryan because of the developing interest Michael is showing for him. When a fire breaks out in the office, Dwight runs back into the building to retrieve Michael's phone and discovers that Ryan started the fire trying to cook a cheese pita. Dwight is so happy that he even prepares a song to sing with Michael called "Ryan Started the Fire."

In "Halloween" Jim and Pam put Dwight's resume online, and he's offered a job in Maryland, and after some consideration, decides to decline to prove his loyalty to the company. Dwight tells this to Michael, and he's, much to Dwight's surprise, upset by this, as corporate has told to fire someone before the end of the month and he'd been blowing it off the whole month.

In "The Fight," Jim and Pam manipulate Michael and Dwight into fighting each other, as Michael believes he could beat Dwight; this leads to Dwight punching him, something he didn't want to. Michael then soon challenges Dwight to a karate match at his dojo, and Michael defeats him, trying to spit in his mouth with Dwight begging him to stop. In the conference room Michael claims the day's events have been a test and Dwight passed, and that as a reward Michael is promoting Dwight from Assistant to the Regional Manager to Assistant Regional Manager. Dwight tries to claim the conference room as his office and states he'll inform the staff, but Michael states it is a clandestine promotion and will remain off the books. Dwight nonetheless is thrilled and thanks Michael deeply and honors him as his sensei, repairing their friendship.

In "The Client," Michael and Jan take a client out to Chili's for an important meeting; while gone, Jim and Pam discover a screenplay Michael was writing titled "Threat Level Midnight." The entire office begins a table reading of the script, with Dwight objecting heavily to it, until Jim offers him the role of the lead character, Michael Scarn. As they're reading, they find a typo that leads them to discover the character, Samuel Chang, who is often depicted as a bumbling causing "the downfall of America," is a Dwight, insert when he's referred to as "Dwigt," with Pam reasoning that it was he attempted to remove all references to Dwight with a search and replace, but didn't account for misspelled words. Dwight is notably upset by this and shuts down the entire reading and invites everyone to set off fireworks outside.

In "Performance Review," Dwight requests that get a raise to Michael, arguing that he's never missed a day and revealing that he even comes in on holidays with a copy of the key he made, much to the disapproval of Jan and Michael. Dwight, mistaking the day for Friday when it's really Thursday, matters not helped by the fact that Jim and Pam, to prank him, played off it, doesn't show up on time the next day, with Michael saying, "Never missed a day, my ass." Outside, however, Dwight, having realized it is not Saturday, runs in, screaming apologies, not even fully dressed.

In "Email Surveillance," Jim plans a barbeque and invites everyone from the office except for Michael, unbeknownst to Dwight, who is told by Jim that they're planning to surprise him as a prank. When Michael gets back from his improv class, Dwight yells "Surprise!" much to the confusion of everyone else there.

For a Christmas party at the office, Dwight and Michael bring in a huge Christmas that barely fits in the door and pushes against the ceiling, forcing them to cut off the top. ("Christmas Party")

When Michael burns his foot on his George Foreman Grill, Dwight without hesitation rushes to retrieve Michael from his home and drive him to work, much to Michael's resistance and irritation, begging that someone else picks him up. Meanwhile, outside, Dwight crashes into a pole trying to the parking lot, vomiting all over his car. Regardless, he continues driving, and presumably brings Michael to work. When it's discovered that Dwight got a concussion from the collision, Michael and Jim drive him to the hospital. When Dwight makes a "That's what she said" joke, Michael is furious, saying that it's his joke. When Dwight is being put into an MRI machine, Michael keeps trying to get his foot scanned as he believes it healed remarkably quickly, much to the annoyance of the doctor. ("The Injury")

When Oscar skips out on work under the pretense of sickness, Dwight and Michael question the legitimacy of his claims. Dwight requests that he be aloud to investigate and Michael agrees and tells him to make it a priority one. Eventually, Michael gets annoyed at how Dwight takes and he just tells him to go to his house and check. When he does so, he finds that Oscar lied about being sick to spend the day with his boyfriend, Gil, which is something Dwight is completely oblivious to; he decides not to tell Michael if Oscar agrees to do him a favor at some later date. ("The Secret")

In "Dwight's Speech," Michael and Dwight chuck a football the office, but when the others start playing keep-away with Michael, Dwight violently tackles Ryan, Creed and Stanley to get the ball back to Michael. Michael scolds Dwight for his behavior, asking the people he tackled are okay, before tossing the ball to an unsuspecting Pam before the camera cuts away.

During the main plot of the episode, Dwight is being rewarded for being the top salesman at Dunder Mifflin and has to prepare a speech. Michael tries to give him tips on how to delivery it, so as to not embarrass or his branch as he mentions getting this award two years in a row when he was a salesman. When Dwight is too nervous to go up, Michael agrees to do the speech for him, to which he offends many in the audience. Dwight, however, decides to go, taking advice from Jim who tricks Dwight into modeling his speech after those of various communist and fascist dictators throughout history, absolutely moving the crowd and making Michael incredibly jealous, as he leaves mid-way.

Dwight meets Michael at the minibar once he's finished and Michael entertains him with a story, saying he got a leg up on him by arguing to the camera that he "captivated the guy that captivated a thousand guys."

In "Michael's Birthday," Dwight is the only one in the office invested in his birthday, as Kevin awaits to know if he has skin cancer, something that causes a slight rift between Dwight and Angela, who are both involved in a secret relationship. In "Drug Testing," Dwight discovers a joint in the parking lot, and as a volunteer sheriff's deputy, he interviews everyone in the office to find the perpetrator, which Michael almost relentlessly makes fun of him for, jokingly calling a "nark." That's until Michael discovers that they're testing everybody's urine and Michael remembers going to an Alicia Keys concert, and suspects he may have gotten high accidentally. He begs for Dwight to give his clean urine and essentially forge the test. Dwight is reluctant, but purely out of loyalty, goes along with it, turning in his uniform and resigning as a volunteer sheriff's deputy. Michael, feeling bad for Dwight, gives him the title of safety officer, helping Hank, the building security guard at his job. Dwight is ecstatic, bluntly expressing that he always thought the security sucked.

After Michael makes it his mission to field the complaints levied against co-workers, and essentially act as the HR Representative in Toby Flenderson's place, Dwight grows fed up with Jim presence in the office after yet another prank, he demands that Jim be transferred to a job opening in the Dunder Mifflin Stamford branch. Michael sits the both of them down for conflict resolution and reads off a list of complaints Dwight has levied against Jim for years ("Conflict Resolution").

Season 3

In "Gay Witch Hunt," it is learned that Jim took the job in Stamford and that Michael promoted Ryan promoted to junior sales associate, taking Jim's desk. After Michael learns that Oscar is homosexual from Toby, and apologizes to Oscar for calling "faggy," unintentionally outing him to his co-workers, Dwight and Michael talk in his office about there potentially being more gay people in the office. Michael suspects Angela of being a lesbian, and Dwight smirks to the camera. Dwight then notes that Jim once told him about something called Gaydar that you buy online. They call Jim about it, and to prank them, confirms this as true. Michael then calls everyone into the conference room to resolve the whole Oscar issue, and as a demonstration that he is accepting of homosexuality, decides to kiss Oscar in front of the entire office; Dwight, upon seeing this, thinks Michael is gay as well, before trying to kiss Oscar immediately after Michael; before he can, Michael stops him and yells at him to stop.

In "The Convention," Dwight and Michael go to a Mid-Market Office Supply Convention. The two meet Jim and his new boss Josh. They also meet Jerome Bettis and ask if he can attend a party Michael's going to be holding in his hotel room. Michael assigns Dwight to dig up any dirt on Josh, as Michael believes that Jim left Scranton because he didn't him as a boss. Dwight informs Michael his contact at the sheriff's office isn't volunteering this day. The ending of the episode Michael and Dwight preparing the black light for the Room 308 party. The light reveals stains covering the walls, comforter and headboard. Dwight speculates the stains are blood, urine, or semen, and a disgusted Michael says he hopes they are urine.

After Jan visits the office and finds out that Michael has been screening movies to everyone during work time, Angela suspects that Michael's actions are going to get the branch shut down, asking that Dwight appeal directly to Jan and go behind Michael's back to get himself the position of manager. Dwight naturally objects saying he could never betray Michael willingly. And after much consideration in the parking lot, he calls Jan and tells her to meet up at with him, leaving under the pretense of an emergency dentist appointment. Dwight explains his intentions while dining, but Jan is notably not interested in replacing Michael as branch manager. Michael receives a call from Jan explaining what Dwight did, and tells him to get things back in order because he can't have his employees undermining him.

Michael Punishes Dwight Further

When Dwight returns, a calm and offended Michael offers Dwight M&M's; when he declines, Michael insists he has one, and Dwight dog-ishly complies, eating a handful of them. Michael then questions how is he went to the dentist to have a crown put in, that he shouldn't be eating for a few hours. Dwight then makes up that they have a new quick-dry bonding technique, with Michael asking for the name of the dentist. Dwight, flustered, replies "Crentist." Michael notes that it sounds a lot like "dentist," Dwight proposing that maybe that's why he became a dentist. Michael, obviously not buying his lies, asks that he sees his teeth; Dwight opens his mouth wide and Michael looks inside, saying that he should floss.

Michael then asks the camera in a talking head what he should do, comparing himself to a tiger in the jungle and Dwight to a monkey that stabs the tiger in the back with a stick. He wonders if he should fire Dwight, or transfer him to another branch. Michael then asks for Dwight to come into his office, claiming that he got a call from Jan that he was demoted, and that Dwight now has his job. Michael then wonders to Dwight if he should stay as a salesman or quit, to which Dwight insists that he stay; Dwight explains that he can't imagine Dunder Mifflin without him, to which Michael sarcastically mutters "Can't you? That's so nice." Dwight and Michael then inform everyone in the bullpen about the change in management, all of whom react negatively to the news, as Dwight says many of them will be fired. Michael continues to play this game with Dwight until he casually declines Michael's Corporate Chrysler Sebring convertible and insults the vehicle, which is when Michael goes ballistic, screaming how that's his car, before revealing that he made the whole thing up. To appease him, Dwight lies about liking the car and falls to his knees begging for his job, arguing that he has the highest sales numbers, and offering to do his laundry for a month, then a year. After rebutting both his appeals, Michael tells him to get up, much to Dwight's confusion, before saying, "And you can you can hug it out, bitch." Afterward, the two of them watch a movie in the conference room, much to Angela's disappointment. But as turns out, Michael is still resentful toward him, he makes Dwight stand on top of a box with a sign that has the word "LIAR" written on it, and explaining that Dwight's doing his laundry for a year. ("The Coup")

In the beginning of "Grief Counseling," Michael pretends to walk down a descending staircase behind a stack of boxes; Dwight is highly amused by Michael's theatrics and asks that Michael get him a pen from downstairs, to which Michael, crawling, steals a pen from Stanley's desk.

After Michael learns that his old boss, Ed Truck, had died, Dwight and Michael talk to Creed about it, where Michael comments on his advanced age, and Creed explains that Ed was decapitated. Both Michael and Dwight are shocked, with Michael horrified and Dwight calling it "way to go. Instant death." Michael then calls a conference room meeting with everybody, and Michael asks that everybody tell a story of someone important to them who died. Dwight eagerly goes and explains that when his mother was pregnant with him, he was supposed to be born with a twin, only for it to be discovered that Dwight had resorbed the other fetus; he says that regrets nothing about what happened and that now he has "the strength of a grown man and a little baby." Michael is disgusting by his story and tells him to let someone else go. When Michael learns from Toby that a bird crashed into the front entrance, Michael and Dwight attempt to save its life, with Michael refusing to believe that it had already died. Dwight is then present at the bird funeral that Pam throws to make Michael feel better.

In "Diwali," Michael prepares the office for a Diwali celebration that Kelly is inviting everyone to, and when asked about the meaning of Diwali, Kelly cannot an answer, to which Dwight explains the origins, only for Michael to cut him off and say: "All right, all right. This isn't Lord of the Rings." Regardless, at the party, both Dwight and Michael get deeply into the spirit of the festivities. And sometime during the party, Michael took the stage with Dwight behind him on guitar. Beginning by saying "this is going out to Indians everywhere," he began a song as a tribute to "one of the greats" Mr. Adam Sandler. The lyrics are: "Diwali is a festival of lights, let me tell you something, tonight has been.. one crazy night, so put on your saris, it's time to celebrate Diwali, everybody looks so jolly, but it's not Christmas, it's Diwali, the goddess of destruction Kali, stopped by to celebrate Diwali, don't invite any zombies, to our celebration of Diwali, along came Polly, to have some fun at Diwali, if you're Indian and you love to party, have a happy, happy, happy, happy Diwali." He then wished everybody a Happy Diwali and the crowd cheered.

In "Branch Closing," Jan informs Michael that the board has decided to shut down the Scranton branch and that most of the employees, including himself, would be fired. Michael takes the news horribly, and Dwight immediately knows something is wrong, as he says, "When you become close with someone, you develop a kind of sixth sense. You can read their moods like a book. And right now, the title of Michael’s book is, 'Something Weird is Going On.” Colon, “What Did Jan Say? The Michael Scott Story. By Michael Scott, with Dwight Schrute.'" It doesn't take long, however, for Michael to spill the beans to everyone else in the branch prematurely and against the orders of his superiors.

Michael and Dwight then make it their mission to prevent this by appealing to the CFO, David Wallace, driving to his home, but finding that nobody's there. They try to rehearse what they're going to say, in the meantime, only for Michael to be completely thrown off with Dwight playing the role of Wallace, after he thoughtfully explains why the branch is shutting down, to which Michael dismisses them and claims he's not going to any of that. Dwight and Michael wait there until the evening, declining a phone call from Pam, which unknown to them is to inform them that the Scranton branch isn't being shut down, instead it now being the Stamford branch, Michael believing it's just more bad news. Eventually, Michael breaks down, realizing his attempts are futile and taking personal guilt for the jobs of his employees, before Dwight checks his voicemail and excitedly tells him the good news. They hug and celebrate, at first believing they had saved the branch, before asking themselves how exactly they did it.

Lazy Scranton

In "The Merger," five employees from Stamford arrive at the Scranton branch and Dwight advises Michael to fire of one them as a show of authority, although Michael refuses. Dwight then meets and immediately sparks a heated rivalry between him and new recruit Andy Bernard, who plans to become the new number two. They argue over who reports to who, as Dwight believes his position as Assistant to the Regional Manager puts him above Andy, while Andy notes that his title has the word 'director' in it. Dwight asks Michael for the answer, but he says the titles are completely irrelevant, it's only different pay scales, and when Dwight asks who gets paid more, Michael says it's not a matter of more or less, just that it's 'different,' before telling him to work out who reports to who amongst themselves.

Everyone is called into the conference room for an orientation video that Michael made for the new employees, unveiling a music video he made with Dwight called "Lazy Scranton," a rap parody of "Lazy Sunday," themed around the locations of Scranton and general operations of the Scranton branch. Michael then begins the integration portion of Michael's orientation and he finds four new employees sitting in chairs on the banquet room table, to signify that they are equals much to the confusion of Karen Filippelli, who asks why they're not portrayed equals. Tony Gardner declines the offer to get up on the table, as his overweight body physically get up on the table. Dwight and Michael awkwardly attempt to push him onto the table, before he yells at them to stop and opts to quit instead. Michael, angered when Tony reveals that his management style is the reason he quit, fires him instead, taking Dwight's advice. Andy then, in a talking expresses that whole Dwight won this "battle" that he will win "the next battle."

When Michael learns that one of the Stamford transfers, Martin Nash, is an ex-convict, Dwight is eager to vilify him, stating that he doesn't like criminals. Michael soon calls an impromptu meeting in which he dons a do-rag and attempts to scare everyone straight as an ex-con character named "Prison Mike". He speaks with a New York accent, calls Angela a bee-yoch, threatens to shove her up against a wall, and incites Dwight to politely come to her defense with the rest of the staff. Dwight asks Prison Mike what the worst thing about prison was, with Angela whispering to him "don't encourage him, Dwight," to which Michael yells, "The worst thing about prison was the Dementors!" As he raps up his act, Martin dismisses everything Michael said, noting that he took it all from movies and television, to which Michael locks everyone including Dwight in the conference room to show them what prison is like. After Toby convinces Michael to let them free, Michael lets them have the rest of the day off as they all walk out silently and resentful toward Michael ("The Convict")

After Michael is devastated at his breakup with Carol, Dwight tries to help him move on by throwing away everything that reminds of her, wishing he could throughout his condo closing papers. Michael also has Dwight steal a bathrobe from Toby. Andy, to get one up on Dwight, decides to take Michael out to a Chinese restaurant called "Benihana's," or as Michael puts it, "Asian Hooters." Jim is forced to come along with them, and when they arrive, Dwight is cut off from the rest of the group by a couple sitting at their table, and because of that, Dwight cannot hear the conversation going on. Dwight is upset by this, saying, "It is my job to be there for Michael. How can I be there for Michael if I’m here for Michael?" ("A Benihana Christmas").

In "Back From Vacation," Michael goes to Jamaica with Jan, and while he's gone, he asks that Dwight record all meetings, and after Jim discovers this fact, he decides to derail the whole meeting with a prank. And in a deleted scene, he complains to Michael about it, who is completely disinterested.

In "Traveling Salesman," Andy learns that Michael is having Dwight do his laundry after Dwight tried to take his job. Andy then uses this story to use a trip Dwight took to New York to turn in some tax documents Angela forgot to turn in to Corporate, to make Michael believe that Dwight tried to steal his job again. When he's confronted by this, Dwight is torn between outing his relationship with Angela, or getting fired. Dwight quits his job in front of Dunder Mifflin to avoid both outcomes, notably saying in his resignation speech he gives to the whole office, "remember, while today it is me, we all shall fall." Dwight leaves, voicing that his dream to die in his desk chair was shattered.

In the aftermath ("The Return"), Andy has essentially taken Dwight's place in the office, and Michael is immediately turned off by Andy's increasing obnoxiousness and insistence on being as close to Michael as possible and continually sucking up to him. Michael reflects on how for granted he took Dwight, realizing he the top salesman, which him leaving hurt the branch, also discovering that he watered the office plants and arranged the toys on Michael's desk. As Michael becomes more and more repulsed by his behavior, going so far as to hide from him, Angela explains the real reason Dwight traveled to New York. When Michael asks why he would do that, he answers Angela before she can explain further, by saying Dwight loves the company and would have done it for anyone. As Michael prepares to get Dwight back, Andy offers to hang out with Michael over the weekend, but when he sharply declines, Andy insists that he was joking about it, only for Michael cut him off and say that he's going to drive him crazy. Andy is peeved by this, then infuriated when Jim continues pulling a prank on him from earlier, causing Andy to lose it and punch a hole in the wall near him. Michael goes to the Staples where Dwight is and rehires him. Andy is sent to anger management.

In "Ben Franklin," Michael and Dwight make a video for Michael's unborn future son, in the event of his untimely death. Dwight undermines his efforts by asking how he knows he's going to have a son, and when Michael says he will always love him no matter, Dwight asks what if he's a murder, and what if that's how he dies? Michael, peeved by his questions, asks him if he wants to do it or not. In the video itself, Dwight and Michael show how to jump start a car, with Michael giving incorrect instructions and Dwight shaking his head. Michael then tries to explain how to take off a woman's bra, saying they will demonstrate on Pam. Pam naturally objects and Dwight takes her place in the video.

Michael throws a bachelor party at work for Bob Vance, who is marrying Phyllis Lapin, and is convinced by Todd Packer to order a stripper for the party. Dwight is assigned to find the female stripper. When she arrives, Bob refuses to take a lap dance, and Michael quickly after agreeing to one, forces her off after remembering he has girlfriend. Dwight then assigns her to answer the phone for the remainder of her time.

Dwight, during "Phyllis' Wedding," makes it his mission to stop potential wedding crashers. When Michael is kicked out of the wedding after claiming Phyllis' nickname in high school was "easy rider," Dwight is obligated to keep away from the bride and groom, even after he to apologize to them.

In "Business School," Michael is appearing as a guest speaker for Ryan's emerging enterprises class, and asks Dwight what the most inspiring thing he said to him was. Dwight replies: "Don't be an idiot. Changed my life." In an interview, Dwight explains that whenever he is about to do something, he wonders 'Would an idiot do that?' And if they would, I do not do that thing."

In "Cocktails," David Wallace holds a party at his home, with both Michael and Dwight going. In a phone conversation with Jan on the way, Jan reveals her lust for him, not knowing that Dwight was listening on speakerphone. On the ride back, Michael becomes upset when Jan reveals her reservations about their public relationship. When Michael begins to cry, Jan calms him by saying that she didn't mean it. Dwight pops up from the back seat to show his support for them as a couple.

In "Safety Training," Dwight agrees to help Michael in a presentation about the effects of depression. Michael decides to show this jumping off the roof of the building they work in, and land on a trampoline. They test it out by first throwing a watermelon down, only for it bounce violently and splatter all over Stanley's car. They instead opt to use a bouncy house, but decline testing it as Dwight says he should do this without thinking. Then Dwight, with a megaphone, summons the entire office outside to watch Michael. As Dwight speaks to Michael, he asked if depressed is "a fancy word for feeling bummed out," to which Michael calls Dwight an "ignorant slut." Michael then notices the absence of the warehouse crew, calling him an idiot for not getting them, as the whole point was to prove the dangers of office work. Dwight gets the warehouse crew, and Michael calls Dwight an "ignorant slut" for the second time. Creed then discovers the bouncy house their entire scenario is foiled.

In "Product Recall," Dwight helps Michael and Pam make his apology video after a disgruntled employee printed some paper with an obscene watermark of cartoon animals having sex. He helps Michael by putting up cards for him to read off of, and spraying copious amounts of hair spray on him.

In "Beach Games," Michael claims to feel sick after being given paperwork by Dwight, who is gravely concerned. And when Michael takes the office (except for Toby) out for their beach day, he reveals to everyone that he's being offered a job at Corporate, and that he'll probably get it. Dwight immediately starts working to get the job, having Angela help him sabotage members of his own team. This culminates in Michael challenging the workers of the office to walk across hot coals; Jim notes that he's never done this himself, and Michael, after much pressure from everybody, agrees to do so, but proves too cowardly, to which agrees to do it for him, and stand on them until Michael gives him the position. Michael says he's not going to, as he previously cites Dwight as an idiot. Regardless, Dwight walk on the coals and stays, scaring everybody there as he proceeds to roll around in them; Michael, after Dwight's forced off the coals, notes that being a manager is partly about image and that Dwight's display was "disgusting."

In "The Job," Michael grants Dwight the manager, and despite the mean nature of the letter, calling him an "a-wipe" and telling him "don't screw the pooch," he is brought to tears by the letter. When Michael leaves for the interview, he plays the song "Thank You" by Natalie Merchant, and once he's out of earshot, Dwight turns off the radio, saying: "Who's ready to work?" When Michael tanks the interview, and returns to the office, he notices that Dwight painted his office black; when Dwight explains that he did it to intimidate his subordinates, Michael immediately calls it stupid, and Dwight claims it was Andy's idea, to which says he should've taken it and that he made for a bad manager.

Season 4

In "Fun Run," Dwight helps Michael plan his Fun Run For Rabies Awareness Race For The Cure, and helps Michael "carbo-load" on fettuccine alfredo.

Michael Driving His Car Into the Lake

In "Dunder Mifflin Infinity," Dwight agrees join Michael in trying to win back clients they lost in the last year with gift baskets. After they are rejected by various companies, while driving, Michael misinterprets his rental car's GPS, and despite heavy protest from Dwight, Michael drives the car right into Lake Scranton. Dwight instinctively tries to save Michael, despite him not helping to get out of the water, and the two return to one of the old clients, furious, before telling him to give them back their basket. Confused, the client tells them to leave. But after they refuse, dirtying the waiting room couches, the former client gives over basket. They notice it was opened, and find that the chocolate turtles they put in are missing; Michael screams at him to give them back, causing a scene--only to discover that he ate them. Michael leaves and Dwight follows saying that they'll bill him for it. When they return to the office, Michael announces that Dunder Mifflin will not be investing in any new technology after what Michael thinks the GPS made him do.

In "Launch Party," when Dwight hears that Dunder Mifflin's new website will be the top salesman from Michael, he challenges it to see if he could make more sales. When he does make more sales than the website, Michael congratulates him, curses Ryan out over webcam. When Michael orders pizza, and the pizza boy refuses to give him a discount for an ambiguous coupon, Michael decides to hold the delivery kid hostage in the office, must to the protest everyone except Dwight, who goes so far as to try interrogating him. Eventually, Michael's actions begin to weigh down on him, realizing he's technically committed a crime, and Dwight tries to reassure him by saying he no other choice, to which Michael says he could've just paid for the pizza. Michael lets him go and pays him sixty-five dollars for his discretion. After the Scranton party, Michael decides that he wants authentic New York sushi, and he and Dwight crash the just-completed main party. One of Ryan's coworkers tells Michael they enjoyed his earlier webcam outburst because it clearly embarrassed Ryan. The two then begin making fun of Ryan, until Michael ruins the moment by saying, in a mocking tone, "I'm so hot!"

Driving to Utica

In "Branch Wars," former employee of Michael, Karen, now running the Utica branch, decides to have Stanley transferred to her branch, and in response, Michael and Dwight, and trick Jim into coming along under the pretense of it being sales call, when in reality they plan to lead a raid on Utica. Jim, after finding out the truth, only decides to stick around to prevent them from doing anything foolish, when Dwight mentions using Molotov Cocktails. Dwight and Michael go in, dressed in women's warehouse uniforms and fake mustaches, and try to steal her copier; it goes horribly wrong, and they accidentally destroy the copier. When Karen scolds the three in their office, Michael and Dwight agree that they will "burn Utica to the ground." Karen, not taking their threats seriously, tells them to get out.

In "Survivor Man," Michael sets out to demonstrate his survival skills, Michael decides to strand himself in the middle of the wilderness for multiple days. He instructs Dwight to blindfold him and drop off at a random location in the forest. On the drive, Dwight tries to knock him out with a shoe, thinking it would be better if he were unconscious. Michael, however, objects heavily and tells them to just go forward with his plan. Despite Michael telling him to leave, Dwight stays as he knows Michael's lack of proper survival skills, stays behind and surreptitiously keeps an eye on Michael (even through the scope of his rifle), to provide "unseen moral support." Dwight claims, however, that he will not help him, and that he will even let him die but that he will not let him lose his dignity.

Michael proves to be completely incapable of living out in the wild by himself. With the only materials he has, he is only able to fashion himself more clothes out of a cut up pair of pants, eventually crudely creating shelter out of them. Unable to find food, Michael begins to try to eat a group of wild mushrooms, unaware that they are highly poisonous. Dwight immediately blows his cover to tackle Michael and pull the mushrooms out of his mouth. Michael and Dwight return to the office, Michael no longer having an interest in wilderness survival, in time for the birthday party Jim had been organizing while they were both gone.

In "Dinner Party," Michael tricks Jim, Pam, Andy and Angela into coming to a dinner party at his condo with Jan, and Dwight is eager to attend, but is not invited, because according to him, it's reserved couples only and they don't have enough wine glasses. In an interview, Dwight tries to act like he's unphased by Michael's rejection, but quickly finds himself crying.

Dwight Crashes the Party

Dwight, during the party, arrives uninvited with wine glasses and a woman that he claims was his babysitter, with whom he is having a "purely carnal" relationship with; Jan is infuriated by his presence, and learns that Michael invited him. As the party climaxes with Jan throwing a Dundie at Michael's TV, the police come having responded to a disturbance call, Dwight tries to protect Michael from them, to which the police say, "not now, Dwight." The police then recommend that Michael stay at a friends house in lue of what happened, and Dwight happily allows him to stay at his place.

In "Chair Model," Michael attempts to find another lover after his breakup with Jan, and has his eye on a chair model from a magazine. Dwight decides to find her, so as to set her up with Michael, only to discover that she's dead. Dwight provides Michael with closure by taking him to her grave, sing about her to the tune of "American Pie" for the remainder of the evening.

In "Night Out," Dwight helps Michael get gum out his hair with peanut butter, eating some of it directly off his head, something Michael is very grossed out at. Ryan tells Michael about the women he meets in clubs in New York City. Michael and Dwight subsequently decide to go to New York, locate Ryan, attend parties with him, and try to meet women while doing so. Inside the club, Ryan's dancing becomes erratic and aggressive, and he accidentally hits a girl, prompting her friends to attack Ryan. Dwight and Michael escort him out of the club, and after Troy advises them not to take Ryan to a hospital, he runs off. Michael and Dwight bring Ryan back to his apartment, where he tells them that he thinks "his friend Troy" has a drug problem, and asks what he should do about it. Michael, oblivious to the fact that Ryan is obviously referring to his own drug addiction, gives him hypothetical advice involving a wiretap and snitching on a drug dealer.

In "Did I Stutter?" Michael discovers wet cement outside, and the entire office, including Dwight, who rubs vaseline on his skin, and help him press his face into the cement. When Stanley sasses Michael in the conference room, Michael tries to find ways to discipline him, and Dwight creates a chart showing the flow of power in the office and menstrual cycles, showing him that could appeal to Ryan but line like a coward in the process, but that he could also transfer power to Dwight, which he heavily insists on him doing, promising to give power back once the crisis is over. Michael refuses, and Dwight says that he's on his own from this point.

In "Job Fair," Dwight places himself temporarily in charge of the Scranton branch while Michael, Jim and Andy at a job fair; however, none of his coworkers take him seriously, with Stanley leaving work early against Dwight's orders; to rejoin control, Dwight warns of the consequences they will undergo if they don't follow his authority. Phyllis asks what consequences, to which Dwight says: "I will tell on you." Dwight calls Michael to complain about the employees and Michael asks him why he bothers staying around with none of them, and that they should all go home.

In "Goodbye, Toby," Michael celebrates the departure of Toby Flenderson from the Scranton branch, as he plans on moving to Costa Rica. His hatred of Toby is projected onto the new HR Rep, Holly Flax, with Dwight saying that he hates to, unconvincingly, and Michael asks why he hates her, to which Dwight comes up with half-baked reasons. Michael voices that feels Dwight says a lot of things just to agree with him, and Dwight asks if that's really so bad, Michael telling him to just have "original thought." They both agree to haze her. However, when he meets Holly, Michael suddenly believes he's falling in love with her. Dwight hazes her, telling Holly that Kevin is mentally challenged. Michael makes Dwight wrap a rock he intended to give to Toby's going away gift, despite him believing it was "over the line." Dwight also puts a racoon in Holly's car, which causes Michael to chastise him in front of her.

Season 5

When the branches of Dunder Mifflin start a weight loss competition, Dwight takes it all too far when replaces all the candy in the vending machines with fruit, and tricks Phyllis into exercising by abandoning her at a warehouse five away, Michael chastises him for it, playing the role of "Michael Klump," "a celebration of fat people," according to Michael ("Weight Loss").

In "Baby Shower," to prepare for the birth of Jan's sperm donor baby, Astrid, Dwight pretends to be Jan, a watermelon under his apron in the place of a baby; Michael drops the watermelon, it cracking on the floor, when rehearsing for the birth, because Dwight buttered it up as newborns are slippery; Michael compliments him for adding that as they prepare to do it again.

In "Customer Survey," Michael lies about being engaged to Holly, and Dwight is very eager to congratulate him, until he awkwardly reveals that his lie to everyone. Dwight receives a terrible mark on his customer reviews to the shock of Michael, and so does Jim. Michael tries to micromanage the two of them in an attempt to "fix" them. That is only until Dwight and Jim discover Kelly lied on the forms because they didn't come to a party she threw for the office. Michael, instead of firing her, takes sympathy on her because no one ever comes to her parties, much to Dwight's disappointment.

In "Frame Toby," Dwight tries to help get Toby fired after he learns of his rehiring, which Dwight at first is baffled at, worrying he may have gotten brain damage, because he didn't know one of his employees was back for a week, but later suggesting that he frame him for drug use. Michael buys weed off two Vance Refrigeration workers for $500 and places it in Toby's desk, and Dwight calls the cops claiming he suspects Toby of being in possession of drugs. When the cops come, Michael tries to take blame, not having the heart to frame him, much to Dwight's protest, only to learn he was tricked into buying a Caprese Salad.

During the office's annual Christmas party ("Moroccan Christmas"), Meredith Palmer sets her hair on fire while drunk and Dwight puts her out with a fire extinguisher, and when Meredith refuses to accept her addiction, Michael says that the next time she sets her hair on fire, they will not put her out. Dwight disagrees and says that as fire martial, he would have to.

In "The Duel," Michael tells Andy that Dwight is sleeping with his fiance, Angela, before leaving for a meeting with David Wallace in New York.

In "Prince Family Paper," Michael and Dwight are assigned to stakeout a smaller rival of Dunder Mifflin, The Prince Family Paper Company, and they obtain a list of all their biggest clients. When Michael becomes conflicted about committing corporate espionage and the prospect that it would destroy the family's business, Dwight assures him that it's not personal and only business; regardless, Michael runs out of the building and tries to destroy the list, only for Dwight to take it from him, and make him give it over to Wallace.

In "Stress Relief," Dwight creates a fire simulation in the office that causes a mass panic and nearly kills Stanley from a heart attack. Michael and Dwight are called to New York by David Wallace, where they are both chastised and Dwight is almost fired. Michael, as a result, removes Dwight's title as safety officer and takes it for himself. As a training exercise, Michael gets a CPR dummy and a trainer, and when Michael tries to demonstrate how to perform CPR, the office gets lost in the music when he's told to pump to the tune of "Stayin' Alive" by the BeeGees; told that they lost him, Dwight takes over the course, and vandalized the dummy with a knife, cutting the face off and wearing it to the disgust of everyone involved including Michael. They are called to New York yet again and Wallace, baffled by Dwight's actions, chastises them.

Dwight is punished by being forced to write and read out an apology letter to everyone in the office, and he insincerely writes in it, "I state my regret." When the office is asked to sign the letter, everyone unanimously refuses. Michael, after discovering he's the main reason people are stressed in the office, agrees to hold a roast in his name and of him. Dwight, in the middle of the event, tries to scold everyone for attacking Michael, their superior and insisted they bow down to him, instead. Michael calls him an idiot several times trying to get his attention and explain, only for Dwight to suddenly turn on him, and say, "Don’t you ever talk to me that way. You pathetic, short little man. You don’t have any friends, or any family, or any land!" When Michael doesn't come into work the next day, Dwight suspects that he is either become deeply depressed, or that icicle fell and impaled his head, explaining he would stare at them from directly under, because he likes they they'd look. Michael returns to the office later that day and proceeds to conduct a mini-roast of all the employees, calling Dwight "a kiss ass." It's awkward at first, until Stanley bursts out laughing to which everyone else, including Dwight, join in.

In "Golden Ticket," Michael and Dwight are seen making offensive jokes around the office to Pam, but is later insulted himself by a joke made by Dwight regarding the KGB, in which he's slapped in the face by Dwight, much to Michael's anger, who tries to hit back. After banning "knock knock" jokes, Jim changes the joke from "knock knock" to "ding dong", intriguing Michael. Jim responds that the KGB is again waiting, only to have Michael and Dwight fight over who gets the door. Eventually, Jim slaps Dwight the same way Dwight had slapped Michael as a part of the joke.

Michael comes to work dressed up and starts to impersonate Willy Wonka, after being "inspired" by an idea that is sure to bring up paper sales. His idea is to place golden tickets in shipments of paper for the customers to be eligible for a 10% discount for a year. When the idea completely backfires, as one of their biggest clients receives all five of the tickets, Michael places the blame on Dwight, later talking with him about it being his idea; Dwight refuses to take credit, showing that he wrote it was Michael's idea in his diary. Michael asks why has a diary, and Dwight admits, "To keep secrets from my computer." Michael asks if he could take him out for a walk, to which Dwight says, "With all my heart." As they're walking, Michael appeals that Dwight can afford to terminated as he can take of his beet farm, among other arguments, with Dwight conflicted over whether he should get himself fired for Michael.

When David comes over to the branch, Michael urges that Dwight make his decision, and that is when Wallace explains happily that the client was so enthused with the idea that they made Dunder Mifflin their sole paper provider. Dwight, to get back at Michael, agrees to take credit, angering Michael. He crashes a meeting between Wallace, Dwight and someone over the phone, explaining it was his idea. The two begin arguing until Dwight gives in and says Michael forced the idea on him under "threat of death," with Michael screaming "Thank you!" Wallace decides to just leave. Dwight and Michael later discuss to the camera about whose idea it was in their own words and begin to fight over Dwight's diary.

In "New Boss," Dwight and Jim begin planning for Michael's 15th Anniversary Party, to celebrate his years of working at Dunder Mifflin. There, Jim dressed in a tuxedo, impresses Michael, and gives his ideas preferential treatment...even though Jim just rephrases Dwight's suggestions. Dwight storms out of the conference room in anger. Michael, worried about the new and increasingly strict regulations of his new boss, Charles Miner, Michael tries to call David Wallace, but when he doesn't answer, Dwight tells the receptionist, Stephanie, that he is "Michael Scotch" and that he has David's son in the car held captive. Michael, shocked, calls back and says that everything is fine.

Michael Scott Paper Company Logo.jpg

In "Two Weeks," Michael suddenly quits his job as manager and hands in his two weeks notice. When Michael confronts Dwight with the idea of starting their own paper company, Dwight turns his back on Michael, knowing that financially, it is a bad idea.

Dwight Strips to Gain Michael's Trust

In "Heavy Competition," it is revealed that Michael and Dwight have been having secret meetings in the parking lot, where Dwight provides information about Dunder Mifflin so Michael can undercut the company. However, Dwight's loyalty is put to the test as Charles Miner seems to show more respect for Dwight than Michael did. Dwight brings Charles to the parking lot during one of the secret meetings, and Charles orders Michael to stop pestering Dwight, and asks if they're at an understanding. Michael says to both of them, "I. Understand. Nothing." This begins a rivalry between Michael and Dwight, and Michael begins to steal Dwight's clients, threatening to do so, and "kill them" in front of him, to get real with him. The two meet up and again, and to show that he's not recording their conversation, strips down in front of him to loyalty. Dwight asks for a truce and offers to take Michael and his employees out to lunch; Dwight does not go to the restaurant and instead sneaks into the empty Michael Scott Paper Company office and steals everything on Michael's desk, including his Rolodex contact list, and places a dead fish in the air conditioning vent.

Michael, Pam, and Ryan return to their office and believe they have been robbed. Dwight calls and reveals his treachery. Michael calls Dwight on the phone and tells him that he is going to steal his biggest client while he listens. Dwight races to the Harper Collins office, where Michael and Dwight start fighting over the client. The client asks for both of their offers via email, and they agree to do so. Before leaving, Dwight then looks at the client's personal information from Michael's Rolodex card and asks him about his "gay son", which seemingly perturbs the client. Michael reveals his unusual system where he color codes personal information about his contacts so he knows what not to talk about. Michael is seen laughing with the client in the parking lot as Dwight returns to his car alone.

In "Broke," Dwight suggests to Charles and David that to stop the Michael Scott Paper Company as a threat to their business, they resort using bees and even kidnapping, much to their shock and disapproval. Dwight later tries to inform Charles that the Michael Scott Paper Company has gone bankrupt, after learning they've been begging their clients to pay more money on orders they already shipped and delivered. However, Jim thwarts Dwight's efforts to warn him, with Charles calling them both "morons," much to Dwight's shock.

Upon Michael's return to Dunder Mifflin in "Casual Friday," Dwight, along with Phyllis, Andy and Stanley are upset by the fact that he's made both Ryan and Pam salesman, with clients that were taken from them when they were a part of The Michael Scott Paper Company, meeting up in the warehouse to secretly discuss the possibility of a "coup." Things take a turn for the worse when Dwight interrupts a sales call with Ryan, causing him to lose the client. Michael steps in and demands an apology, but Dwight, Andy, Phyllis and Stanley threaten to quit and start their own paper company. Michael theirs bluff, but Phyllis breaks down, which causes Michael to rethink things. Michael calls a meeting with Dwight, Andy, Phyllis and Stanley to give them a formal apology, but they do not accept it since all they want is their clients back. Michael reluctantly agrees to give back their clients.

In "Cafe Disco," Michael tries to start a dance party downstairs from the office, as he still owns the lease to his old paper company, to relieve stress, but all decline. That's until Phyllis joins him and injures her back, as Michael calls Dwight down to help. Together, they take her upstairs, and Dwight begins treating her in the conference room.

In "Company Picnic," the entire office pulls a prank on Michael, after he falls asleep eating a family-sized chicken pot pie, changing every clock in the office so they can leave early; Dwight, who would usually object to this, agrees to help because he has an appointment "with the horse doctor," to kill one of his injured horses. He breaks into and changes the clock in Michael's car, exclaiming, "Like clockwork."

Season 6

In "Gossip," are seen, in the cold open, practicing "parkour" while wrecking the office and bothering the employees. Jim, in a talking head interview, explains briefly that the goal of parkour is to get from Point A to Point B as creatively as possible. He briefly jokes that the guys are likely to end up in the hospital. After practicing around the office, Andy proposes they jump from the top of a truck onto two refrigerator boxes, a dumpster and pallets, before doing a backflip into a trash can. Andy, overexcited, injures himself when he jumps onto what turns out to be an empty refrigerator box, much to the shock of Dwight and Michael.

In "The Meeting," Jim is promoted to the position of co-manager with Michael, much to Dwight's disappointment and anger, as he screams at the camera, jealous over the fact he wasn't even approached for the promotion.

In "The Promotion," Dwight spends the entire episode trying to discredit Jim as the new co-manager, when he decides to give raises only to the sales staff, while the rest of the staff chastise both him and Michael.

In "Niagara," Michael and Dwight drive together to Jim and Pam's wedding at Niagara Falls; while on the way, Michael falls asleep driving, because of him wearing really dark sunglasses, which shocks Dwight. They then start talking about the potential people they could pick up as dates while over their, and Dwight plays a tape for him once he gets someone in bed, which freaks out Michael. When they get to the hotel, Dwight refuses to have Michael in his room after he believes the room is his and tries kicking out Dwight. Michael and Dwight look to pick up women at the bar, having prepared extensively for this moment. At one point, Michael is told by Dwight that found a set of twins, and excitedly goes with him, only to find they're both men, as Dwight merely admires finding twins, to which Michael calls him weird. Dwight, despite talking about gelding horses, is successful in seducing Pam's bridesmaid, Isabel. Michael spends the night alone in the ice machine room. They eat breakfast to together where Dwight says he isn’t going to talk to Isabel anymore and criticises her lovemaking. The next day, they both attend the wedding ceremony, and dance as they reenact the JK Wedding Entrance Dance.

In "Mafia," Michael meets with a tenacious insurance salesman named Angelo Grotti in the office and is later convinced by Dwight and Andy that he is part of the mafia. Michael calls for a lunch meeting with Grotti to finalize a deal, convinced by Dwight and Andy to meet him in a public place where Grotti can't become violent. They accompany him to the meeting, despite Andy's reluctance. After the lunch, Dwight and Andy then tell Michael that Grotti wasn't part of the mafia, and that he was just scaring Michael into a deal. Michael calls Grotti to cancel the deal, much to Grotti's dismay. When he hangs up, Dwight and Andy say that he was part of the mafia and congratulate Michael on standing up to him. When Michael announces this to the rest of the office, Oscar says that he was an actual insurance salesman from Mutual of Harrisburg, but Michael ignores him.

In "The Lover," Dwight tries to comfort Michael after he has a falling with Pam over the fact that he's now dating her mother, Helene.

In "Koi Pond," Michael is relentlessly made fun of after he falls into a koi pond while on a sales call with Jim; in the conference room, Michael verses everyone on sensitivity training, and creates a "Do Not Mock List," and Dwight tells him to write down his nose, as he feels it is too small, and before finishing writing, he asks him if sneezed it off as a joke. Later, when Michael finds out that Jim let him fall in the pond, Dwight tries to comfort him by calling ugly and belittling him behind his back to make Michael feel better.

In "Double Date," Dwight brings in bagels for everyone at work including Michael, so that he can cash in a favor for everyone and get Jim fired or demoted from his position of co-manager, but runs into trouble along the way. After Michael breaks up with Helene on her birthday, and Pam furiously slaps him in the parking lot, Dwight helps him by pressing cold meat on his face to ease some of the pain. Michael says, "I owe you one," and Dwight sees the opportunity to cash in his favor, and demands that he fire Jim. Michael refuses to do so and Dwight angrily storms off.

In "Murder," Michael sets up a game of "Belles, Bourbon and Bullets" to distract everybody from rumors that Dunder Mifflin is going bankrupt. Dwight plays along and gets lost in the game with Michael, even playing along with him when everybody decides to go back to work when bad news starts spreading to the branch. When everyone decides to once again play, Michael, Dwight, Andy, and Pam find themselves in a fake Mexican standoff, after each reveals themselves to be double agents, lasting until 6:00 at night. Jim pulls Pam out so they can go home, and the others pretend to shoot each other to death.

In "Shareholder Meeting," Michael, Dwight, Andy and Oscar go to New York to attend a shareholder meeting for Dunder Mifflin. As the meeting occurs, Dwight waits in line while Michael makes a foolish promise that the company will be fixed within 45 days, which angers the shareholders. Michael, alarmed when O'Keefe angrily states he and his colleagues can take the bus, then makes a run for the limo with Andy, Oscar and Dwight and immediately heads back to Scranton.

In "Secret Santa," Dwight is the only one who supports Michael as Santa even after the role is assigned to Phyllis for their Christmas party. In "The Banker," Dwight is assigned by Michael to act as Toby in front of a banker while he's in the bathroom, only for him to be stopped by the earlier than expected arrival of Toby. In "Manager and Salesman," Dwight and Ryan try to form a diabolical plan to get Jim demoted, and start speeding up plans as Jim is promoted to soul manager while Michael is placed back in sales, only for Jo Bennett, the CEO of Sabre, to resolve the situation without their involvement.

After Michael refuses the sales department new leads, causing him to lose them in the garbage, learning they're in the dump, Michael asks everyone to go to the dump with him to find the leads, but only Dwight will, fearing that Michael won't be able to find them on his own. While at the dump, Michael confronts Dwight about how Dwight no longer shows him respect. Dwight admits that he resents how being under Michael's tutelage hasn't gone as far as he thought it would. He believes he would have been in a higher position at another company had he accepted one of the other job offers he'd been given. As a result, he's still just a salesman at a company that failed under a boss that isn't going anywhere. "I hitched my wagon to a horse with no legs." This results in a short trash fight, which ends when Michael accidentally dumps a sink of garbage water onto himself. The two, exhausted, rest on a bathtub and resume their friendship after a short conversation, acknowledging they'll never find the leads. ("New Leads").

In "Body Language," Michael tries to learn Spanish, with Dwight not understanding why as he believes everyone will soon be speaking German. And in "The Cover-Up," Michael to let Dwight find out if his new girlfriend, Donna, is cheating on him. He goes to her gym and attempts to seduce her, which fails horribly, and causes Michael to get into a fight with her.

In "The Chump," Michael claims, "If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden and Toby, I would shoot Toby twice." The entire office, including Dwight, believes he's taken the joke too far, and asks everyone how they would do it, to which Dwight suggests that they simply line them up and shoot all three through the throat with one bullet at the same time, demonstrating with Andy (who pretends to be Bind Laden) and Phyllis (who's Hitler) as well as Toby (who is himself). After the demonstration, Michael agrees.

Season 7

In "Sex Ed," Michael is led to suspect he has herpes, and Dwight urges him to call of all his ex-lovers, and find out who he got it from, and "get overwhelming revenge on that person," as well as tell them to get tested.

In "The Sting," Dwight, Michael and Jim blow a sale after the arrival of Danny Cordray, a talented salesman from a much smaller company. In order to try and mimic his sales techniques, the three participate in setting up a sting operation. After Meredith becomes instantly attracted to him and veres the discussion off top, Michael blows the sting, much to Dwight's protest. Regardless, he is still able to convince Danny to work for Dunder Mifflin. Dwight, along with plenty of other salesman, object to his hiring, insulting him several times, before suddenly coming around to Michael's decision.

In "The Search," Dwight teams up with Holly and Erin to find Michael after Jim is forced to leave him at a gas station and he wanders off. Dwight and Erin are both impressed by how Holly is able to know exactly where Michael's trail purely on instinct and hunches. That is until she suggests going to a rooftop, which Dwight thinks is ridiculous, walking off to search for him elsewhere, even though it turns out Holly was right.

In "PDA," Dwight and Andy mistake the death of Darryl's grandmother for his birthday, congratulating him on it, causing him to cry. And when the office starts complaining about Michael and Holly's rampant public displays of affection at work, Dwight points out in the conference room that most of the people working there have had sex in the office.

Samuel L. Chang

In "Threat Level Midnight," it is revealed that over the course of filming Michael's movie, Dwight played the role of Samuel L. Chang, Michael's robot butler, only for Michael to reveal that Dwight doesn't play a robot. Throughout the film, Samuel helps Michael Scarn try to defeat Goldenface, who's played by Jim. During an interaction between the three, Goldenface tries to shoot Scarn but Chang jumps in the way, which Michael reveals was not scripted. As the movie finishes, it is revealed that Dwight's character was a robot--something Michael forgot. He then forgets that he made the President one of the villains of the film, when he calls Michael Scarn with another mission for him and Scarn takes it. Dwight says that Scarn was trying to catch the President by joining him, but Michael says that Scarn was being stupid.

When traveling salesman, Todd Packer, decides to get his old desk job back, Michael enthusiastically accepts, and so does Holly, hearing how great he is from Michael. To save room in the bullpen for Todd, Michael moves Dwight to the annex, much to his dismay. Jim and Dwight then team up to get rid of Todd, deciding to pretend to be executives from Sabre who hire him for a job in Tallahassee, Florida. Michael walks in on them performing the prank, and informs them that he's going to tell Todd about what they did, until Packer insults Holly, and Michael opts to keep their prank a secret ("Todd Packer").

In "Garage Sale," Dwight is present with the rest of the office when Michael proposes to Holly congratulating him with everyone else, Michael revealing that he's moving to Colorado with her, much to the shock of everyone.

In "Training Day," Dwight is highly disappointed when he's not even considered to succeed Michael as manager, the position instead going to Deangelo; he calls it "a crushing blow," also saying, "Will I get over it? No. But life goes on. Not for me." He is put under the impression that Michael put in a good recommendation for him. That's only until he learns from Gabe that Michael did not recommend him and thus snubs Michael after being approached as an ally against the new boss, when Michael fears the changes he will make around the branch.

In "Michael's Last Dundies," Deangelo is chosen by Michael to co-host the Dundies Awards and inherit the host position once he's gone, and not Dwight. He expresses his frustration by saying, "Always the Padawan, never the Jedi." At the Dundies, Dwight wins the "Promising Assistant Manager" Award, but still bitter at Michael, tosses it in the trash. After Deangelo gets them thrown out of the Chili's, Dwight rides with Michael and Deangelo, and he insults the Dundies. Michael pulls over the car, and he and Dwight get into a fight, which leads to Dwight exiting the car and leaving down the highway. Dwight is not present in the conference room when the office sings to him "9,986,000 Minutes."

In "Goodbye, Michael," Dwight, still bitter at Michael, confronts him on the rooftop of their building, and feeds Michael Rocky Mountain Oysters, which while eating, he's told are bull testicles he'd cut off fresh in the morning. Michael calls him a sick freak, and Dwight asks how he couldn't do it after he wasn't recommended. Michael then explains that the job wasn't his to give in the first place, so it really wasn't his choice. Michael then follows this up by asking him if bears live in the Rockies, to which Dwight says yes while belittling him, and Michael wonders if it would smart to carry meat with him to feed the bears, and Dwight comments on how stupid that would be, saying it'd be smart if he wanted to have no legs.

Dwight is later infuriated when Michael gives Andy all of his biggest clients, saying that he's given up on Michael to do anything or "comprehensible." As part of his final goodbyes, however, Michael writes a letter of recommendation for Dwight, bringing Dwight close to tears, before noticing a card hidden in the letter that invites him to play a game of paintball in the parking lot, leaving the two on good terms.

Season 9

In "Finale," Michael surprises Dwight by showing at his wedding to Angela and replacing Jim as his "bestest mensch." Dwight is nearly brought to tears as he hugs Michael, Jim calling it the "best prank ever." After the ceremony, Michael, who's looking over Jim and Pam, and Dwight and Angela, tearfully says to the camera: "I feel like all my kids grew up, and then they married each other. It's every parent's dream."