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Michael spreads false rumors around the office in hopes of making everyone skeptical that the gossip is true so he could protect Stanley, whose secret he already revealed.


Subject of the Gossip Gossip Information
Stanley Hudson Stanley is accused of having an affair with Cynthia, which is one of the true rumours.
Angela Martin Angela is accused of dating an 81-Year-Old billionare that owns a Quizno's Restaurant. 
Kelly Kapoor Kelly is accused of having an eating disorder, more specifically anorexia.
Erin Hannon Erin is accused of being a bad worker and being on the bubble between staying and being fired
Andy Bernard Andy is accused of actually being a homosexual. 
Pam Beesly Pam is accused of being pregnant before being married; This is the second true rumour.
Creed Bratton Creed is accused of having Asthma. 
Toby Flenderson Toby is accused of being a Virgin.
Kevin Malone Kevin is accused of being controlled by someone inside of his body. 


When Michael is brought to justice, he admits his fault but also says that one rumour is true, but Pam and Jim interrupt before he can say anything to admit the realness of their secret. Michael still wants to be fully honest, and eventually reveals Stanley's affair, causing Stanley to whack Michael's car with a crowbar in fury. 

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