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  • Hey, I'm Brandon and I head up the Featured Video team here at FANDOM. There are currently a number of Featured Videos hosted on Dunderpedia that we made early on in our video production process, and we don't think that those videos are up to the best quality standards that we can provide. Because of that, we're going to redo the videos from scratch.

    Before we start producing the new videos, I wanted to ask you, as the most active users here, if you or anyone else from the community would be interested in reviewing the scripts that we write. That would give you the opportunity to fact check the information and give any feedback on how the scripts are written and presented, feedback that we would then incorporate into the scripts. This kind of collaboration can ensure we produce the best video possible.

    Let me know if this is something you would be interested in taking part in!

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    • Sorry for the delay! We've been reworking our internal processes but I will get those to you this week.

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