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David Brent: Some of you seem to have got off on the wrong foot with me. You didn't like some of the jokes I told earlier. You've got to chill out, yeah, trust me, this is what I do, all right? You will never work in a place like this again. This is brilliant-fact. And you will never have another boss like me. Someone who's basically a chilled out entertainer.

Jennifer Taylor-Clark: So you're saying is that black people ought to be flattered that their only achievement in this world is having oversized genitalia?

David Brent: I'm saying they shouldn't be an ashamed of them.

Jennifer Taylor-Clark: It's a myth.

Gareth Keenan: I don't know, Jennifer I could show you a magazine where... literally...

[holds up his hand indicating large size]

Jennifer Taylor-Clark: Could you?

Gareth Keenan: Well, I haven't got it with me, but next time you're in...

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