Meredith Palmer, is a fictional character played by Kate Flannery in the television series The Office

Season 1:

Meredith is an alcoholic.Meredith is allergic to dairy.

She doesn't have a uterus (she had a hysterectomy) but she still has a vagina.

Season 2:

Meredith is an alcoholic.


Meredith has two kids. Her son is with her. Her daughter ('the good one') is with her ex-husband.

Season 3:

Meredith is an alcoholic.


  • Meredith is an alcoholic.
  • Meredith is a regular member of the Party Planning Committee, with the exception of her own surprise birthday party (in the episode The Alliance).
  • Meredith has a habit of flashing her co-workers and the camera crew.
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