Luke Cooper is Michael Scott's nephew in the television series The Office.

Season 7Edit

Luke is Michael's half-sister's son. Michael claims that his half-sister cut him off from that side of the family 15 years, on the dot, prior to Nepotism when he "lost [Luke] in a forest" on the opening day of Ace Ventura 2 (November 10, 1995).

Luke claims to love cinema. He has a bad attitude and was spanked by Michael for being unprofessional in the episode Nepotism. He is extremely unprofessional and the office staff hated him. Luke is played by Evan Peters.

Trivia Edit

  • His favorite movies are Citizen Kane and The Boondock Saints (Nepotism).
  • He got Darryl decaf coffee and messed up Michael's order by not getting him a cappuccino.
  • He cries and quits his job after Michael spanks him.
  • He has trashed the employees on Twitter, as stated by Creed.
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