Luanne, is a fictional character on The Office.

Luanne works in the Annex along with Toby and Kelly. She has the desk near the kitchen door which faces toward Toby's desk. She has no lines and is seen only in passing in the first three seasons. In Season 1, her hair is red, but by Season 2, she is seen with gray hair. She does not participate in meetings, Michael's Birthday, or almost any other event.

Although there is no solid evidence to suggest it, many fans had originally linked her to possibly being Marjorie, a character mentioned in passing in the episode The Fire. In an online Web chat however, Greg Daniels identified the woman as Luanne.

Producer Greg Daniels believed it would be more realistic to have office employees that we know nothing about, but as the series progressed, her continuing presence became harder to explain, and she disappeared just as mysteriously as she arrived.[1]

She may have quit at the same time as other former employee, Hannah Smoterich-Barr.


* Deleted scene.

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