# Episode What Situation
1.02 Diversity Day Michael's mouth** Michael does the Chris Rock routine.**
3.01 Gay Witch Hunt Michael's mouth Michael's play on the show Queer As Folk.
3.06 Diwali Kama Sutra images Michael gives everyone a copy of the Kama Sutra.
3.10 A Benihana Christmas Michael's mouth** Michael curses after hitting a wall.**
3.15 Ben Franklin Sex shop products Michael and Ryan go to a sex shop.
3.16 Phyllis' Wedding Michael's mouth Michael swears when Phyllis' father stands up.
3.23 Beach Games Meredith's breasts Meredith lifts her top.
3.24 The Job Jan** Jan curses as she leaves the Corporate offices.
4.01 Fun Run Michael's crotch Pam walks in on Michael changing.
4.02 Dunder Mifflin Infinity Michael (off-screen)**

Michael talks about driving his car into the lake.**

Michael's cellphone screen Michael shows Jan that he is playing solitaire on his cellphone.
4.03 Launch Party Pizza Delivery Kid's hand Pizza Delivery Kid flips off Michael.
Michael's mouth Michael curses at Ryan.
4.09 Dinner Party Jan's mouth Jan curses at Michael.
Neighbor's dog* When the police respond to the call.*
5.13 Stress Relief Kevin (off-screen) ** Kevin finds a piranha in the toilet.**
5.20 Dream Team Michael's crotch Michael sits down in his robe.
5.24 Casual Friday Meredith's breasts Meredith adjusts her dress.
Meredith's crotch Meredith adjusts her dress.
Meredith's butt Meredith adjusts her dress.
5.25 Cafe Disco Phyllis' mouth Phyllis curses after hurting her back dancing.
6.02 The Meeting Toby's mouth Curses at Darryl's sister thinking it was Darryl.
Darryl's mouth Repeats Toby's insult.
6.07 The Lover Jim's mouth Jim curses when he finds out who Michael's new girlfriend is.
Pam's mouth Pam screams at Michael.
6.09 Double Date Kelly's breasts In a nude picture taken by Ryan.
6.17 The Delivery Dwight's crotch Dwight gets out of Jim and Pam's bed.
Pam's hand* Pam gives Jim the finger*
6.21 Happy Hour Dwight's mouth Dwight is scared by Angela and curses.
6.23 Body Language Michael's cards Michael labels things by gender using penises and breasts.
6.26 Whistleblower Nick's hand Nick gives everybody the middle finger.
7.04 Sex Ed Pictures Andy shows pictures of genitalia.
7.05 The Sting Kelly's mouth Kelly uses a curse word when she sees Danny.
7.06 Costume Contest Kevin's mouth Kevin swears at Gabe
7.10 China Michael's mouth Michael swears after Erin's idea.
7.13 Ultimatum Creed's mouth Creed screams at Erin.
Kevin's hand Kevin gives Holly the finger
7.14 The Seminar David Brent's mouth David curses while joking with Michael.
7.15 The Search Gabe's mouth Reads Meredith's caption.
7.16 PDA Hank's mouth Swears while talking about the "Erin Special".
7.19 Garage Sale Pam's mouth Surprised by Holly's engagement ring.
Ryan's mouth Talking about his mother's pesto.
7.21 Michael's Last Dundies Michael's mouth Michael talks about his departure.
7.23 The Inner Circle Deangelo's mouth Deangelo curses at the animal shelter.
7.24 Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager Kevin's mouth Curses after seing a piranha in the toilet.
7.25 Search Committee Jo's mouth Jo curses while interviewing Dwight.
Kelly's mouth Curses at Gabe during her interview.
8.02 The Incentive Andy's buttocks Pulls his pants down to get a tattoo.
Kevin's mouth Repeats insults Darryl said about his ex-wife.
8.12 Pool Party Robert's crotch Swims naked
Ryan's crotch Swims naked
Gabe's crotch Swims naked
8.14 Special Project Dwight's mouth Dwight curses as Andy names the team that's going to Florida.
8.16 After Hours Kevin's mouth Kevin comments on Darryl and Val.
8.24 Free Family Portrait Studio Andy's mouth Annoyed that he doesn't get his "delicious moment."
9.06 The Boat Andy's mouth Cursing at his dad's actions.
9.08 The Target Dwight's crotch Dwight waits naked in the warehouse.
9.18 Promos Meredith's breasts Meredith exposes her breasts.
9.21 Livin' the Dream Angela's mouth Angela swears at her landlady.
Andy's hands Andy gives David the finger.
Andy's buttocks Andy goes no. 2 on David's car.
David's car David sees the "gift" Andy left on his hood.
9.22 A.A.R.M. Angela's mouth Angela swears at Dwight.
9.23 Finale Angela's mouth Angela swears at Mose.
Meredith's breasts Flashback to the scene in Casual Friday

* Deleted scene.

** Audio censorship only.

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