What you need to know in twenty-five words or less.

Season 1

In 25 words or less: The first season lays the groundwork for future events.


  • All the main characters are introduced.
  • Jim mentions how he would like to work somewhere else.
  • The Scranton branch may be shut down.
  • Ryan joins Dunder-Mifflin as a temporary employee.

Hot Girl

  • Jim begins dating Katy, the purse girl.

Season 2

In twenty-five words or less: Pam and Roy's impending wedding forces Jim's hand. Michael develops an on-again-off-again relationship with Jan.

The Fire

  • Ryan begins attending business school at night.

The Client

  • Jan is newly-divorced.
  • Michael and Jan share a celebratory kiss and spend the night together.
  • Michael considers Jan to be his girlfriend. Jan rejects the notion.
  • Jim and Pam have an informal dinner together. Jim consider it a date. Pam rejects the notion.

Performance Review

  • Michael and Jan's "relationship" (such as it is) is revealed to the office.
  • Early hints of a Dwight/Angela romance.

E-mail Surveillance

  • Pam discovers Dwight and Angela's secret romance.

Booze Cruise

  • Pam and Roy set a date for their wedding.
  • Jim breaks up with Katy.
  • Jim confesses a former crush on Pam to Michael.

The Secret

  • Michael reveals Jim's crush on Pam to the entire office.
  • Oscar is revealed to be gay, but nobody in the office finds out.

The Carpet

  • Kelly develops a crush on Ryan. She is interested in a long-term relationship; Ryan wants something more casual.

Valentine's Day

  • Kelly and Ryan finally hook up.
  • Michael and Jan's "relationship" becomes known to Corporate.
  • After Michael defuses the situation, Jan, in a moment of weakness, kisses him.

Casino Night

  • Michael begins dating Carol Stills, his real estate agent.
  • Jim confesses his feelings to Pam.

Season 3

In 25 words or less: Pam, single again, must undertake a journey of self-discovery.

Gay Witch Hunt


  • After Jim kisses Pam on Casino Night, Pam admits to having feelings for him as well but will not break off the wedding.

During the summer:

  • Pam called off her wedding. She moved into her own apartment and began taking art classes.
  • Jim transferred to the Stamford branch, joining new co-workers Karen and Andy.
  • Ryan is now a full-time employee of Dunder-Mifflin.
  • Phyllis becomes engaged to Bob Vance.

In this episode:

  • Michael outs Oscar as gay.
  • Oscar receives a three-month paid vacation as compensation for Michael's behavior.

The Coup

  • Dwight unsuccessfully attempts to usurp control of the branch from Michael.
  • Karen begins developing feelings for Jim.


  • Dwight mentions how competitors are using the Internet to make sales.


  • Michael proposes to his girlfriend Carol Stills; she turns him down.

Branch Closing

  • The Scranton branch is saved and Stamford is closed, no thanks to Michael.
  • Jim agrees to return to Scranton, and Karen decides to follow him.

The Merger

  • Jim, Karen, Andy, and a handful of other former Stamford employees move to Scranton.
  • Pam's attempt to rekindle her relationship with Jim is thwarted when she discovers that Jim has a new girlfriend (Karen).

A Benihana Christmas

  • Carol breaks up with Michael.
  • Michael asks an unknown woman (revealed to be Jan) to accompany him on a tropical vacation.

Back from Vacation

  • Jan dives headfirst into a relationship with Michael. Jan's downward spiral begins.
  • Pam helps Jim resolve a relationship problem with Karen even though it means losing Jim's affections to Karen.

Traveling Salesmen

  • Karen learns about Jim and Pam's past.
  • Andy engineers Dwight's firing for perceived disloyalty.

The Return

  • Oscar returns to work.
  • Jim and Pam's prank on Andy causes him to lose his temper and get sent to anger management.
  • Michael realizes his mistake and re-hires Dwight.
  • Jim admits to Karen that he still has feelings for Pam.

Ben Franklin

  • Pam inadvertently reveals to Karen that she still has feelings for Jim.

Phyllis' Wedding

  • Phyllis marries Bob Vance.
  • Pam begins dating Roy again.
  • Phyllis leaves on a six-week honeymoon.

Business School

  • Only Roy, Oscar and Michael attend Pam's first art show.
  • Ryan is moved to the annex next to Kelly.


  • Jan and Michael make their relationship public.
  • Pam resolves to be more assertive.
  • Roy reacts violently when he learns of the Casino Night kiss. Pam breaks up with him on the spot.

The Negotiation

  • Roy attacks Jim and is fired.
  • Roy tells Pam to pursue Jim.
  • Phyllis returns from her honeymoon.

Safety Training

  • Andy returns from anger management.

Women's Appreciation

  • Jan is controlling and demeaning in her relationship with Michael.
  • Michael is unhappy with the relationship and is convinced to break up with Jan.

Beach Games

  • Michael, Jim and Karen all apply for a new opening at Corporate headquarters.
  • Pam tells Jim in front of the entire office that she misses his friendship.

The Job

  • Jan wins Michael back with the help of breast augmentation surgery but at the cost of her job.
  • Jim turns down the job, returns to Scranton, and asks Pam on a date. (She accepts.)
  • The job goes to Ryan, who breaks up with Kelly on the spot.

Season 4

In 25 words or less: Office relationships are sent on a roller coaster ride as Jim and Pam finally get together.

Fun Run

  • The documentary crew discover Pam and Jim are dating.
  • Karen has left the office.
  • Dwight kills Angela's cat, severely damaging the relationship.

Dunder Mifflin Infinity

  • Ryan announces a new website and business model for the company.
  • Jim and Pam officially reveal to the office that they are dating.
  • Angela breaks up with Dwight.

Launch Party

  • A relationship between Kelly and Darryl is hinted.
  • Andy begins to woo Angela.
  • The first time Michael asks Jim and Pam for dinner.


  • Angela allows Andy to ask her out.
  • Darryl and Kelly are in a relationship.
  • Dwight gets over his break-up with Angela.

The Deposition

  • Jan sues Dunder Mifflin for wrongful termination.
  • Michael turns against Jan in the case, evidently straining the relationship.

Dinner Party

  • Jan and Michael's relationship hits a brick wall.

Chair Model

  • Michael breaks up with Jan and tries to find love again.
  • Jim reveals that he plans to propose to Pam.

Night Out

  • Ryan has a drug problem.
  • Dunder Mifflin Infinity is in trouble.
  • Toby tries to hit on Pam, then announces he's moving to Costa Rica.
  • The first instance in which Michael forgets that Jim and Pam are still dating.

Did I Stutter?

  • Ryan actively plots against Jim.

Goodbye, Toby

  • Toby leaves the office for good. Replaced by Holly Flax.
  • Andy proposes to Angela, who reluctantly accepts.
  • Phyllis discovers Dwight and Angela having sex in the office.
  • Ryan is arrest for fraud.
  • Jan is pregnant, but not with Michael's baby. He does offer to help raise it.

Season 5

In 25 words or less: The Pam/Jim and Angela/Andy/Dwight relationships progress as Michael strides to form his own business.

Weight Loss

  • Jim finally proposes to Pam and she accepts.

Baby Shower

  • Michael realizes he has no connection to Jan's baby.
  • Michael and Holly start dating.

Crime Aid

  • David Wallace is unhappy to find out that Michael is dating Holly

Employee Transfer

  • Holly is transferred back to Nashua, causing her and Michael to end their relationship.

Frame Toby

  • Toby returns.

Stress Relief

  • Michael learns how much his co-workers hate him.

Lecture Circuit

  • Karen is married and pregnant. Her plotline is concluded when she expresses happiness for Jim and Pam's engagement.
  • Holly is dating someone, but still has feelings for Michael.

Company Picnic

  • Pam is pregnant.

Season 6

In 25 words or less: Problems at Dunder-Mifflin occur, and with a baby on the way, Jim and Pam try harder at jobs.


  • The office learns that Pam is pregnant.
  • Stanley is cheating on his wife.

The Meeting

  • Jim is promoted.


  • Jim and Pam get married.
  • Michael begins to date Pam's mom.


  • Dunder Mifflin will be insolvent by the end of the year.

Secret Santa

  • Dunder Mifflin has been bought out and everyone will keep their jobs.


Manager and Salesman

  • Jim is back as a salesman. Michael is the regional manager.

The Delivery

  • Pam gives birth.
  • Dwight and Angela draw a contract with intention of having a baby together.

St. Patrick's Day

  • Darryl is promoted and starts working upstairs.

Happy Hour

  • Andy and Erin begin dating.

Body Language

  • Michael begins dating Donna.

Season 7

In 25 words or less: Holly comes back from Nashua and resumes her relationship with Michael.


  • Gabe and Erin begin dating.


  • Pam tricks the office in order to become Office Administrator.

  • Angela meets State Senator Robert Lipton.

Classy Christmas

  • Toby announces another leave of absence to be a juror in the Scranton Strangler case.
  • Holly Flax returns to replace Toby once again, much to Michael's happiness.

The Search

  • Michael and Holly rekindle their relationship.


  • Michael and Holly decide do move in together.

Garage Sale

  • It is revealed that Holly's parents are having a hard time taking care of themselves.
  • Michael proposes do Holly and announces their move to Colorado so that Holly can take care of her parents.

Training Day

  • Deangelo Vickers is hired as Michael's replacement.

Michael's Last Dundies

  • Michael hosts the Dundies for the last time.
  • The office workers honor Michael with a rendition of Seasons of Love.

Goodbye, Michael

  • Michael leaves for Colorado to be with Holly. Steve Carrel's last appearance as regular cast member.

Search Committee

  • Jim, Gabe and Toby search for a new Regional Manager after Deangelo suffers an accident.

Season 8

In 25 words or less: The workers learn to deal with an eccentric new boss. Dunder-Mifflin returns home.

The List

  • Robert California, the newly appointed Regional Manager, concinves Jo Bennet to make him CEO of Sabre.
  • Andy becomes the new Regional Manager.


  • The warehouse crew win the lottery and quit, causing Darryl to seriously rethink his life.

Jury Duty

  • Angela gives birth to her son with the Senator.
  • Dwight firmly believes the baby is his.

Special Project

  • Dwight, Jim, Ryan, Stanley and Erin leave for Tallahassee to work on a special project for 3 weeks.

Get the Girl

  • Andy goes to Florida to convince Erin to return to Scranton.
  • Nellie is transferred to Scranton and usurps Andy's job.

Angry Andy

  • Nellie's actions cause Andy's anger problems to flare up again.

Turf War

  • Robert's flaky management reaches an all-time high when he accidentally shuts down one of the branches while drunk.

Free Family Portrait Studio

  • Jo Bennet decides to liquidate Sabre due to Robert's bad management.
  • Andy convinces David Wallace to buy Dunder-Mifflin back from Sabre and run the company.
  • David makes Andy Regional Manager once again.

Season 9

In 25 words of less: Jim and Pam's relationship faces serious problems while the shooting of the documentary comes to an end.

New Guys

  • Jim starts a business in Philadelphia without telling Pam after feeling that their lives have come to a halt.
  • A member of the documentary crew speaks for the first time in the series.
  • Kelly moved to Ohio and Ryan quit to go after her.
  • Clark Green and Pete Miller are hired as Costumer Service Representatives.

Roy's Wedding

  • Pam becomes upset when she suspects that Jim is hiding something from her.

Andy's Ancestry

  • Jim tells Pam about Athlead, she is still upset about his lying and reluctantly supports him.

The Boat

  • Andy discovers that his family is broke.
  • Andy leaves on a sailing trip with his brother, Walter Jr.

Dwight Christmas

  • Jim starts working part-time at Dunder-Mifflin so he can spend part of the week in Philly to run his new business.

Costumer Loyalty

  • The stress of Jim's partial move to Philadelphia starts to seriously affect his marriage.
  • Brian, the boom operator for the documentary crew makes his first appearance.


  • The promos for the documentary start to be released on the internet.
  • The office workers are horrified to find out that the crew had obtained a lot of footage they were not aware of.


  • Jim and Pam start couples counseling.
  • Andy decides to porsue a career in the entertainment business.
  • Angela divorces Robert after he comes out during a press conference.

Livin' the Dream

  • Jim and Pam reconcile and Jim quits Athlead.
  • David Wallace is enraged to learn that Andy spent 3 months sailing his family's boat.
  • Andy decides to quit Dunder-Mifflin to focus on his artistic career.
  • Wallace appoints Dwight as the new Regional Manager.


  • The documentary finally starts airing.
  • Dwight proposes to Angela, who then reveals that Phillip is his son.


  • Dwight and Angela get married.
  • Michael Scott makes a reappearance at the wedding, revealing that he is now a father and very happy in Colorado.
  • Pam paints a new mural in the warehouse honoring the workers of Dunder-Mifflin.
  • Erin meets her biological parents during a panel featuring the subjects of the documentary.
  • Pam and Jim sell their house in order to move to Austin, TX, where Jim can take his job back at Athlead.

Aftermath of the series

  • Michael: Living happilly with Holly and their children in Colorado.
  • Jim and Pam: Moved to Austin so Jim could go back to Athlead (now Athleap).
  • Dwight: Married to Angela, continues as Regional Manager.
  • Angela: Married to Dwight, no longer working at Dunder-Mifflin.
  • Oscar: Head of accounting and running for State Senate.
  • Kevin: Was fired by Dwight due to poor job performance, owns a bar in Scranton.
  • Toby: Moved to New York after being fired by Dwight.
  • Meredith: Continues as Supplier Relations Rep. for Dunder-Mifflin Scranton.
  • Creed: Faked his own death after the documentary aired. Was later discovered living in the office and was eventually arrested.
  • Kelly and Ryan: Ran away together after Dwight's and Angela's wedding.
  • Stanley: Retired and living in Florida.
  • Phyllis: Continues as Sales Rep. for Dunder-Mifflin Scranton.
  • Andy: After an embarrassing video of his audition for a reality singing competition went viral he quit the entertainment business and got a job at Cornell.
  • Erin: Continues to work for Dunder-Mifflin.
  • Nellie: Moved to Poland after the documentary aired. Adopted Ryan's baby.
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