Talking Head interviews in which another character interrupts.

Episode Character Interrupted by Remarks
Office Olympics Michael Ryan Ryan brings Michael's breakfast.
Halloween Michael Pam Michael has called Pam into his office.
Halloween Jim Michael Who's Michael going to fire?
Traveling Salesmen Andy Michael Andy discusses his progress while Michael is in the rest room.
Traveling Salesmen Andy Angela Andy gloats over his success; in the background, Angela watches with a look of utter hatred on her face.
The Negotiation Michael Jan Michael recaps the day; standing nearby, Jan castigates him for bringing up their private lives.
Beach Games Andy Dwight Andy explains why he didn't win at sumo.
The Job Jim Karen Jim claims he saw Lorne Michaels; Karen insists it was not him.
The Job Pam Jim Pam, confident Jim will be hired for the open position in New York, accepts that the relationship is never going to happen and promises to move on with her life; Jim asks her out to dinner, after which a teary-eyed Pam doesn't even remember what she had been talking about beforehand.
Survivor Man Toby Michael Toby describes the management retreat.
Baby Shower Phyllis Michael Phyllis describes being head of the Party Planning Committee.
Happy Hour Andy/Erin Kevin Kevin makes rude gestures.

* Deleted scene.

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