• * Deleted scene
# Episode Visible Where Description
1.01 Pilot Boom mic Top When Roy first appears

The boom mic

1.03 Health Care Crew member Conference room After Dwight says, "There will be no healthcare for anyone!"
1.05 Basketball Boom mic Top After Jim shows Michael his gym bag
1.06 Hot Girl Voices Background As Michael takes Katy to his office to show her the coffee machine
2.02 Sexual Harassment Boom mic Top As Michael and James leave his office.
2.03 Office Olympics Boom mic Top When Jim is talking to Pam at reception.
2.03 Office Olympics Cameraman Right When Pam hangs up the banner in the kitchen
2.03 Office Olympics Cameraman Left When Ryan throws away his "medals"
2.04 The Fire Cameraman Left When Dwight tests the shocks on Ryan's car
2.04 The Fire Cameraman Left Just before Dwight gives Ryan a fake karate chop
2.06 The Fight Cameraman In mirror

When Dwight finds his desk

2.07 The Client Cameraman During Michael's phone call to Jan
2.13 The Secret Crew member Background At Hooters after Michael orders his hot dog.
2.20 Drug Testing Cameraman Left When Dwight says "Oh, God" after learning that Hank has only two traffic cones
3.05 Initiation Cameraman Elevator (right) When the elevator opens and Michael sees the pretzel line
4.02 Dunder Mifflin Infinity Cameraman Shadow When the cameraman climbs out of Michael's car after it falls in the lake
4.03 Launch Party Cameraman Reflection in TV While the webcam is being installed in the conference room.
4:04 Money Cameraman Left In back of train car right after Jan asks "whats going on".
4.06 Branch Wars* Boom mic Top When Andy learns he has been waitlisted.
4.06 Branch Wars* Cameraman Right When Michael, Dwight and Jim walk to the car.
4.07 Survivor Man Cameraman's hand Top left As Dwight looks for lunch.
4.09 Dinner Party Cameraman Left As Jan turns on the CD (the second time).
4.11 Night Out* Door opens Front When the taxi pulls over.
5.1 Weight Loss Cameraman's hand Cameraman's hand appears on the door as he opens it to get the shot of Michael falling down the stairs.
5.1 Weight Loss Voice The camera guy sighs in frustration after Jim closes the door on them.
5.08 Frame Toby Boom mic Top When Jim explains they will board up the master bedroom.
5.13 Stress Relief Body

The camera guy is clearly trampled by the office workers.

9.01 New Guys Voice The documentary crew member tells Jim and Pam why they've been following Dunder Mifflin Scranton for so long.
9.12 Customer Loyalty Body The Boom Guy helps Pam when she breaks down crying at the end of the episode.
9.13 Junior Salesman Body At the start of the episode, we learn that the Boom Guy is named Brian and has a significant other called Alyssa. Brian seems to be friends with Pam and Jim.
9.14 Vandalism Body Brian steps in when a Warehouse Crew Member attacks Pam, he is apparently fired for it and tells Pam, in one of the ending scenes, that if she ever needs him, he'll be there for her.
9.22 A.A.R.M. Voice While interviewing Jim, they the crew agrees to do a favor for him.
9.24 Finale Voice Cameraman explains to Dwight why they're filming them again.
9.25 Finale Camera In the mirror behind Dwight Just before Dwight turns to see Michael.
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