Many characters in The Office have nicknames. Below is the list of nicknames that are used repeatedly throughout the series. 


  • King Butt (Because he had a king-sized butt)
    Nard dog

    "It's a Nard Dog!"

  • Boner Champ by Here Comes Treble
  • Nard Dog by Andy (himself/college)
  • Nard Man by Luke ("Nepotism")
  • Baby Wawa by everyone except his former co-workers after his audition video went viral ("Finale")
  • Ace (for getting straight A's in college)
  • Buzz (for getting straight B's in college)
  • Puke (for chugging a 1/5th of SoCo and sneaking into frat parties)
  • Iceman (wilderness retreat)

Angela Edit

  • Monkey by Dwight
  • Pumpkin by Creed
  • Booster Seat by Michael


  • Dwight Jr. by Andy
  • Zero Clark Thirty by Andy
  • Fart by Andy
  • Clarkwork Orange



  • Babe by Michael
  • Ice Queen by Craig
  • Godzillary by Packer
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton by Michael


  • Babe by Jan
  • Michael Scarn
  • Prison Mike by Michael Scott
  • Date Mike by Michael Scott
  • Michael Klump by Michael Scott
  • Ping by Michael Scott
  • Blind Guy McSqueezey by Michael Scott
  • Mike the Magic by Michael Scott
  • Michael Scotch by Dwight


  • Beesly by Jim
  • Pammy by Roy
  • Pamalamadingdong by Michael (there are many others)
  • Pam burger by Michael
  • Pamcaso by Michael
  • Pamcakes by Roy (?)
  • Pam Pam by Michael


  • Plop by Andy
  • Little Jim by Phylis 


  • Temp by Michael (but Dwight uses it more often)
  • Fire Guy by Kevin
  • Fired Guy by Kevin
  • Hired Guy by Kevin
  • Big Turkey by Andy
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