Jim's Christmas gift to Dwight

Jim's Pranks

One of the central elements of Jim Halpert's character as originally conceived is his devotion to playing pranks at the office to relieve boredom.

By far, his most common target is his overbearing desk mate Dwight Schrute, though he later moves on to playing pranks on Stamford co-worker Andy Bernard when he transfers branches. More often than not, Pam collaborates with Jim on the pranks on Dwight.

Here are some of the more notable pranks Jim has played on Dwight, Andy, or any other unsuspecting co-worker.

Season One

Season Two

  • Found Dwight's wallet in the parking lot, and decided, on Pam's suggestion, to give the wallet back to Dwight intact and unchanged. Dwight, not believing Jim, immediately canceled all his credit cards. ("Office Olympics"), deleted scene)
  • Dwight's coffee mug Threw stuff in it ("Office Olympics")
  • Posted Dwight's résumé online with Pam, specifically for positions in Alaska ("Halloween")
  • Relocated Dwight's desk to the men's restroom. ("The Fight")
  • Popped Dwight's fitness orb. ("Performance Review")
  • Convinced Dwight a Thursday was a Friday causing him to be late for work the next day ("Performance Review")
  • Made Dwight believe that Jim's party was a surprise party for Michael. This prank backfired when Michael crashed the party. ("Email Surveillance")
  • Puts Dwight's Items In Vending machine Following this, he hands Dwight a bag of nickels, probably just removed from his phone handset. ("Booze Cruise")
  • Gave Dwight dubious "tips" on public speaking The prank backfired; the speech was a smashing success. ("Dwight's Speech")
  • Tried to convince Dwight in an interview that Dwight had smoked marijuana. ("Drug Testing")
  • Paid coworkers five dollars to call Dwight "Dwayne" for an entire day. ("Conflict Resolution")
  • Convinced Dwight an abandoned infant was in the women's restroom causing him to walk in on Meredith "on the can." ("Conflict Resolution")
  • Used a macro so that every time Dwight typed his name, it appeared as "diapers". ("Conflict Resolution")
  • Replaced Dwight's writing instruments with crayons. ("Conflict Resolution")
  • Incrementally increased the weight of Dwight's telephone handset then abruptly decreased the weight, causing Dwight to smack himself in the face with the phone. ("Conflict Resolution")
  • Placed a bloody glove in Dwight's desk and attempted to convince him that he had committed murder. Dwight, in fact, thought that "Jim was the real killer." ("Conflict Resolution")
  • Created an absurd identification badge for Dwight. ("Conflict Resolution")
  • Repositioned Dwight's desk by moving it an inch at a time over the course of the day. ("Conflict Resolution")
  • Encircled Dwight's desk in police tape ("Conflict Resolution", deleted scene).
  • Convinced Dwight With Pam, that he had telekinetic powers ("Casino Night")
  • Caused Dwight to fold in Texas Hold Em whenever he coughed as Dwight believed this was Jim's tell that he had good cards ("Casino Night")

Season Three

  • Held Dwight's bobblehead doll for $5 ransom (Third Season Primetime Preview)
  • Encased Andy's calculator in Jell-O This prank backfired when Andy reacted violently. ("Gay Witch Hunt")
  • Convinced Dwight and Michael that gaydar was a genuine electronic device that can be purchased. Later sent "gaydar" to Dwight, which Dwight amusingly used and set off the sensor on himself ("Gay Witch Hunt")
  • Gained access to Dwight's hotel room at a paper convention in Philadelphia just to find a hooker in his room that is actually Angela Martin, though he doesn't appear to recognize her ("The Convention")
  • Made high-pitched noises with Pam, hoping Dwight would schedule an appointment with an ear doctor, called "pretendonitis" ("The Coup")
  • Sent faxes signed "Future Dwight" on Dwight's own stationery ("Branch Closing")
  • Stared at Dwight's forehead for no reason ("The Merger")
  • Gave Andy wildly incorrect "tips" on winning Pam's affections. Pam later returned the favor in a deleted scene ("The Convict")
  • Ordered fifteen large sausage pizzas to the office under the name 'Dwight' ("The Convict" Deleted Scene)
  • Told Dwight that the Benihana Waitress couldn't remember how to butcher a goose, causing Dwight to tell her how to in violent detail ("A Benihana Christmas")
  • Told Dwight that the Benihana Waitress was asleep when really Andy was telling her to close her eyes and imagine her dream home ("A Benihana Christmas")
  • Tricked Dwight into believing he was being recruited by the CIA and made him destroy his cell phone ("A Benihana Christmas")
Jim initially declined to participate in this prank (which Pam had been running since before Jim's return), feeling such high-jinks would be inappropriate given his newfound responsibilities, but changed his mind after realizing that what he did at Benihana was no different than what he had done in the past.
  • "Narrated" Dwight's absurd behavior when Dwight taped a meeting. This backfired when Andy took the joke too far ("Back From Vacation")
  • Glued Dwight's office drawers together ("Back From Vacation", deleted scene)
  • Changed Dwight's voicemail to make him sound like a chipmunk ("Back From Vacation", deleted scene)
  • Told Dwight there was a 4am meeting who was the only one to attend ("Back From Vacation", deleted scene)
  • Shipped Dwight's desk by mail to Roswell, New Mexico, where Dwight was vacationing ("Back From Vacation", deleted scene)
  • Slapped Dwight across the face when Dwight claimed that "70% of attacks are from the rear." ("Traveling Salesmen")
  • Intentionally slammed the brake smashing Dwight's face into the driver's seat when Dwight sat in the back of Jim's car saying that "The back is the safest part and the driver will always protect his side first." ("Traveling Salesmen")
  • Switches a squeaky chair with Karen who then switches it with Andy.
  • Hid Andy's cell phone in the ceiling tiles then called it repeatedly. This Andy again reacted violently, punching a hole in the wall ("The Return")
  • Hired a Benjamin Franklin impersonator instead of a male stripper for Phyllis's bachelorette party ("Ben Franklin")
  • Told Dwight that the Ben Franklin impersonator was the real Franklin ("Ben Franklin")
  • Pavlov Experiment Conditioned Dwight to expect an Altoid mint each time he heard a computer chime through use of the Pavlovian Theory ("Phyllis' Wedding")
  • Manipulated Dwight into patrolling for wedding crashers Dwight mistakingly evicts a guest who suffers from dementia ("Phyllis' Wedding")
  • Convinced Dwight that he was turning into a vampire ("Business School")
  • Hid the key to Michael's straitjacket ("Cocktails")
  • Relayed intentionally incorrect messages from Dwight to Andy when Dwight was "shunning" his traitorous co-worker ("Safety Training")
  • Dressed up as Dwight and parodied his speaking style. Dwight returned the favor but was unable to successfully mimic Jim's pattern of speech and insult him for who he was ("Product Recall")
  • Named his team Voldemort as a response to Dwight naming his Gryffindor ("Beach Games";)

Season Four

  • Hired Elizabeth the Stripper by convincing Michael she was a "rabies nurse". ("Fun Run")
  • Sent IMs with Pam, convincing Dwight that the Dunder Mifflin website achieved self-awareness ("Launch Party")
  • Mocked Andy when Andy was trying to figure out what he should do when Dwight made a sale against the website ("Launch Party")
  • Along with Michael and Dwight put on a fake mustache and infiltrated Karen's branch. This was admittedly against his will ("Branch Wars")
  • Deliberately guessed the wrong names playing "Celebrity" when Michael was giving blatantly obvious clues. ("Dinner Party")
  • Stole Jan's CD ("Dinner Party")
  • Linked Dwight's cell phone to his Bluetooth headset and took his calls. Additionally forwarded Dwight's office phone to his own ("Goodbye, Toby")

Season Five

Season Six

  • Wrote down that Dwight "held back tears..." on Dwights complaint to Jim ("The Promotion ")
  • Jim blows Michael off by pretending to lose his signal and hangs up on him while on Jim's honeymoon ("Mafia")
  • Playing loud music in his office while Dwight tries to listen to him talk to Andy through the wooden mallard ("The Lover")
  • Giving Dwight's surveillance mallard to Kelly ("The Lover")
  • Jim tricks Dwight into fighting himself by determining that Dwight's only worthy opponent is himself ("Murder")
  • Inserts Dwight's tie into his own coffee mug ("Manager and Salesman")
  • Puts someone's (Likely Dwight's) phone in Jello ("Manager and Salesman", Deleted Scene)
  • "Stacked Pam's and Dwight's desks to form "Quad-desk" ("St. Patrick's Day")


  • A number of ploys for finding Herr's chips for Karen, including imitating a man from the warehouse ("Grief Counseling")
  • Jim is faced with a litany of various pranks he has pulled on Dwight He says they don't sound that funny one after another, but insists that Dwight deserves it ("Conflict Resolution")
  • Jim comments about how when he saw Dwight again he realized that all the pranks he pulled were petty and stupid...until Dwight spoke ("The Convention")
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