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** In the episode "[[Chair Model]]", Kevin addresses a meeting of the Five Families, explaining that "some people sweat too much for comfort."
** In the episode "[[Chair Model]]", Kevin addresses a meeting of the Five Families, explaining that "some people sweat too much for comfort."
** In the episode "[[Niagara]]", the hotel manager throws away Kevin's shoes due to their stench. At the end of the episode, Kevin dunks his feet in an ice machine for relief.
** In the episode "[[Niagara]]", the hotel manager throws away Kevin's shoes due to their stench. At the end of the episode, Kevin dunks his feet in an ice machine for relief.
:''Despite these many signs of this condition, in a deleted scene from "[[Traveling Salesmen]]", Michael comments to Andy that Kevin "always smells really'' good", ''and that, while you wouldn't think so after looking at him, he has "impeccable" grooming habits.''

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Kevin Malone is an accountant at the fictitious paper distributor Dunder Mifflin. Kevin is bald, overweight, and seems to have just three facial expressions: a slack-jawed gaze, a scowl and an impish grin. He speaks in a slow, monotone voice, rarely expressing any emotion, although he is often prone to giggle at things that would typically amuse a child. Much of Kevin's humor derives from the incongruity between his deadpan personality and his juvenile sense of humor.


Kevin is typically quite subdued with his hangdog face, although he is known for making blunt or offensive comments regarding the other employees. He hints toward unbecoming Internet habits, most likely pornography, as alluded to in the episodes "E-mail Surveillance" and "Take Your Daughter to Work Day". He is very concerned about the e-mail surveillance uncovering the contents of his hard drive and actually flees an interview with the cameras to ensure that his fiancee's daughter had not found the same content.

Kevin was engaged to a woman named Stacy, who has a daughter named Abby. Stacy was the fourth woman to whom Kevin proposed, but the first to say yes, and he was very happy, though he secretly considered her a second choice to one of the other women, Melissa Riley. Little is known about Stacy, and it is hinted that their relationship is somewhat peculiar. Kevin plays drums and is also the lead singer in a local tribute band. The group initially was a Steve Miller Band tribute called "Jokers and Tokers", but recently refocused on the music of The Police, and rebranded accordingly as "Scrantonicity", a homage to their album Synchronicity. However, after getting into a fight with his bandmates, Kevin breaks off and forms a new band, "Scrantonicity II", another homage to a Police song of the same name. Kevin is a fan of the Detroit Pistons, his favorite foods are Cup Noodles and M&M's, and his favorite movie is American Pie 2, he also likes Weekend at Bernie's and The Cannonball Run. His favorite number, not surprisingly, is 69, after the sexual position. According to Jim in a deleted scene from "The Dundies", Kevin is interested in naval history and enjoys bowling.

Malone is not given much responsibility by his supervisor, Angela Martin, but he is allowed to shred company documents and says that is all he really needs. In "Health Care", it was revealed that he suffers from anal fissures. In "Casino Night", he reveals that he won a World Series of Poker bracelet in 2002, but he nonetheless suffers defeat at the hands of an unwitting Phyllis Lapin. As seen in the "Kevin Cooks Stuff in The Office" short, Kevin is currently brewing beer in the cabinet beside his desk, much to the disgust of his coworker Oscar Martinez. Kevin states that, "rules say I can't bring beer into the office, but they don't say anything about making beer in the office." He also has recipes for office-made quesadillas and creme brulee.

Kevin suffers from plantar hyperhidrosis ("Grief Counseling" deleted scene). Angela is regularly disgusted by Kevin's feet and he protests that she knows about his medical condition.

Kevin is the only minor character in The Office to be directly based on a character from the British original version. He is based on Keith Bishop, who shares Kevin's lack of communication skills, and became particularly popular after an episode where boss David Brent conducts a staff appraisal, to which Keith stoically fails to respond to questions. Keith shares Kevin's musical interest (as a disc jockey, not a musician), but not Kevin's childish sense of humor.

Personal information:

According to NBC a loan application released in conjunction with the webisode Taste the Ice Cream, Kevin's birthday is 06/01/1968. He lives at 2(illegible) Stanford Ave, Scranton, PA 18505 and his telephone number is 570-555-0137.

According to a diploma hanging in his workspace, Kevin received an Associate of Science degree in Accounting from Penn Foster College.

Season 1:

Kevin is one of the more featured supporting characters and has many comic moments. While making a basketball team for a game against the warehouse employees, Michael ignores Kevin's plea to join the team, but it later turns out that Kevin is in fact an excellent player, as opposed to Stanley Hudson, whom he assumed to be talented based merely on the fact that he is African-American, though he was actually clumsy and slow. He often tells people that Pam is "hot", though when Katy, a purse saleswoman, comes to the office, he tells Pam that Katy is prettier than her. On "Diversity Day", when the employees are given a card with a specific race written on it, Kevin is given "Italian". In the same episode, he attempts to reenact for his coworkers a race-themed Chris Rock routine without offending anyone; Michael complains that Kevin has butchered the routine.

Season 2:

Kevin is the winner of the "Don't Go In There After Me" award at the 8th Annual Dundie Awards (a reference to his bathroom odor). This is referenced again later when he is seen coming out of the men's room with a lit candle. His favorite games to play at work are a paper football game which he and Oscar called "Hate Ball" (because Angela hates it), and "How Many M&M's Can You Put In Your Mouth?" (Angela points out that only he plays this).

Kevin's relationship with Stacy begins this season. Kevin is despondent on Valentine's Day when he doesn't know where she is, but in a deleted scene he becomes very happy when she calls and says she's back in town. In Take Your Daughter to Work Day he brings her daughter Abby to the office, where she quickly becomes pals with Jim.

On Michael's birthday, Kevin gets tested for skin cancer, which takes the mood away from party festivities, much to Michael's displeasure. The results end up negative (though Michael thought that meant that he had it).

Jim and Pam encounter his Police tribute band Scrantonicity, while searching for bands for Pam's wedding and Roy asks him to play for them which he accepts (although the marriage ends up being called off).

In a special webisode, Angela sarcastically calls Kevin a genius, though Kevin secretly thinks his IQ of over 100 makes him a genius.

Season 3:

Generally, he doesn't get much responsibility, so in "The Merger", he is delighted that he gets to shred company documents. However, in the excitement of showing everything that it can shred, he puts in his own credit card. He later uses the shredder to make a salad. After some deliberation, Kevin joins Angela's party in "A Benihana Christmas", but only because of the double-fudge brownies. Scrantonicity got to perform at "Phyllis' Wedding". It was the third wedding they performed at, having also played at their bassist's wedding and their guitarist's wedding.

During "Cocktails", Malone is asked if he and Stacy have set a date for their wedding. Kevin says they have, but it is very complicated, hinting that they may have separated. During "The Merger" (deleted scene), he hides his M&M's under his desk so "they" (the new employees from Stamford) won't get to them, but is willing to share with Jim. In "The Convict", Kevin implies that he is involved in insider trading, but wasn't aware of the legal implications. He greatly enjoys the hot dog eating contest during Beach Games, saying that laying on the beach eating hot dogs is "all he's ever wanted".

Season 4:

In the season premiere, "Fun Run", Kevin openly suspects Jim and Pam of "hooking up" and is determined to prove his speculations to his neighboring accountant Oscar. Oscar is not convinced, but Kevin is vindicated in the episode "Dunder Mifflin Infinity", when Jim and Pam reveal their relationship to their coworkers.

Kevin suffers a series of setbacks during the season. In the episode "Money", Kevin announces that has split from the band "Scrantonicity" and formed "Scrantonicity II", however none of his coworkers come to support his new band. He also reveals in the episode The Chair Model that he and his fiancee Stacy have ended their engagement. Also, Kevin, along with all of the other Dunder Mifflin employees (except for Michael) are made to park in a satellite parking lot, which angers all of them. Kevin is one of the most distraught, and he teams up with Andy in order to do something about it. They suggest to Michael that an assembly be called between the "Five Families". He later explains that the "Five Families" are the five companies which share the Scranton business park, and that the bosses "rarely meet". When Michael denies him the opportunity to call a meeting, Kevin and Andy decide to call a meeting anyway. At the meeting, Kevin and Andy attempt to be polite and in charge, since Michael isn't there. Kevin finally breaks down, demanding the parking spaces back, claiming that "some people have to park really far away and walk all the way to the office, and some people sweat too much for comfort." Kevin's later success in resolving the parking space problem in Dunder-Mifflin's favor gives him the small victory that he really needed. In "Job Fair", Kevin's zeal to gamble during a trip to the golf course with Jim, Andy and a prospective customer implies that his gambling may be a compulsive behavior rather than just a casual hobby, as he takes money from petty cash in order to turn it into "this month's rent."

In "Goodbye, Toby", Dwight, attempting to haze the new HR representative, Holly, tells her that Kevin is mentally retarded and got his job at Dunder-Mifflin though a special program. Kevin, however, interprets Holly's frequent praise and breathy condescension as sexual interest in him. When Michael ignores Holly's romantic advances at the end of the episode, Kevin steps in and goes off to have "PIE" with her at a nearby diner.

Season 5:

In "Weight Loss", Holly still thinks that Kevin is mentally retarded, thoughts enforced by Kevin's miscalculation of Pam's weight by 100 pounds. However, when Angela is yelling at Kevin for his slowness, Holly comes to his defense, saying he is not stupid, but mentally challenged. Kevin then realizes why Holly has been praising him so much, and asks her if she thinks he's retarded. Realizing what Dwight has done, Holly walks away, embarrassed.

In a deleted scene from "Baby Shower", it is revealed that Kevin donated sperm to the same sperm bank Jan went to, proclaiming "I might have done it with Jan" afterward. She is then taken back at the idea that he might be the biological father. In another scene, Jan publicly breastfeeds Astrid, much to the disturbance of most of the office-workers. Kevin then tries to discreetly look at the topless Jan, but she allows him to stare because she feels that it is natural. However, when Creed begins to stare, she starts to feel embarrassed and calls for Michael.

During an office robbery in "Crime Aid", Kevin's surge protector was stolen. Unfortunately, Kevin "is now prone to surges".

In a deleted scene, Ryan confesses that he ran his BMW into Kevin's car and damaged a side mirror, but refuses to pay for the damages by claiming that "Ryan 1.0" was responsible; Kevin later puts Ryan's pricey sunglasses in the microwave and melts them, sarcastically blaming it on "Kevin 1.0".

In "Prince Family Paper" Kevin finds out that he does not have full internet access at the office.

During the episode "Blood Drive", Kevin meets a woman named Lynne, and likes her but is awkward when talking to her. Andy, Jim, and Pam give him greatly disparate advice on wooing her in "Golden Ticket", and ultimately he successfully asks her to dinner and a movie. Kevin is seen kissing her passionately in "Cafe Disco".

In "Casual Friday" Kevin brings a batch of his "Kevin's Famous Chili" upstairs to the office, only to drop the pot, causing chili to spill all over the floor in front of Erin's desk. He desperately tries to clean up the mess, only to drench papers and binders in chili while spreading the food all over the carpet. It is also shown that he drives a Honda CR-V.


During the time period between the second and third seasons, NBC posted "webisodes" (online mini episodes). Most webisodes consisted of the Accountants (Kevin, Angela, Oscar), with Dwight also appearing in an episode.

NBC ordered a new run of webisodes for the summer between the fourth and fifth seasons. It is expected to begin its run in July at NBC.com.[1] The webisodes will feature Kevin, who pursues a unique solution in an effort to pay back his looming gambling debts. Oscar, Stanley and Darryl will also participate.


  • Kevin is part of a Police cover band named Scrantonicity. He plays drums. His band was going to play at Pam and Roy's June 10th wedding but Pam called the wedding off. The band did play at Phyllis and Bob Vance's wedding, though.
  • He does a cooking show called "Kevin Cooks Stuff in the Office With Kevin", seen in Season 3 extras.
  • Kevin was engaged to a single mother named Stacy.
  • Kevin likes to gamble.
  • In a talking head interview in The Convict, Kevin reveals he unintentionally practices insider trading.
  • Kevin suffers from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) of the feet. Angela is particularly disgusted by his condition.
    • In a deleted scene from the episode "Grief Counseling", Angela is disgusted when Kevin takes off his shoes. In a talking head interview, Kevin explains that it is a medical condition.
    • In the episode "Diwali", Angela remarks, "I wish some of us still had our shoes on."
    • In the episode "Beach Games", Angela remarks, "I'm not going to walk through the fire after your disgusting feet have gone through."
    • In the episode "Chair Model", Kevin sits by the side of the road rubbing his feet.
    • In the episode "Chair Model", Kevin addresses a meeting of the Five Families, explaining that "some people sweat too much for comfort."
    • In the episode "Niagara", the hotel manager throws away Kevin's shoes due to their stench. At the end of the episode, Kevin dunks his feet in an ice machine for relief.
Despite these many signs of this condition, in a deleted scene from "Traveling Salesmen", Michael comments to Andy that Kevin "always smells really good", and that, while you wouldn't think so after looking at him, he has "impeccable" grooming habits.


Kevin has appeared and had lines in every episode with the following exceptions:


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