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John Burke Krasinski (pronounced /krəˈzɪnski/; born October 20, 1979) plays Jim Halpert The Office.

Coming to The Office

John Krasinski was a big fan of the original British version of The Office. When his manager told him he got an audition to play Dwight, Krasinski told the show (through his manager) that he'd rather audition for the Tim character. The show was taken aback by his audacity and were reportedly quite upset that such a demand came from an unknown actor.[1]

Krasinski did manage to get an audition for Jim eventually. During a lunch break while waiting for his turn, Krasinski remarked to the person seated across from him that he was a big fan of the British version and he hoped the American producers "don't screw it up". The person across from Krasinski introduced himself as Greg Daniels, the executive producer. Krasinski was so embarrassed that he wanted to leave immediately, but his manager convinced him to stay for the audition.[1]

Props from The Office

Immediately after shooting wrapped on the final episode, John Krasinski stole the "Dunder Mifflin" sign. During the wrap party, creator Greg Daniels remarked that he was disappointed that the one thing he wanted was the "Dunder Mifflin" sign, but somebody had already taken it. Krasinski pretended he didn't know who did it.

About three years after the show concluded, prop master Phil Shea sent Krasinski a package of memorable props from the show, including Jim's nameplate, his satchel, and the teapot from "Christmas Party".[2]


  • John Krasinski shot the footage of the "Welcome to Scranton" sign shown in the opening credits from the skyroof of his friend's Jeep.[1]
  • His western zodiac sign is Libra and his Chinese zodiac sign is a Goat.


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