Jo Bennett is the CEO of the company Sabre, who buys Dunder Mifflin. She is played by Kathy Bates and starts to appear in season six.

Character Overview

Jo Bennett is the new CEO of Dunder Mifflin and is southern. She is also a registered pilot and owns two Harlequin Great Danes. In addition, she has also written an autobiography. She makes the office excited, due to her southern charming ways, however, when she realizes that there are two regional managers of Dunder Mifflin Scranton, she decides to choose Jim or Michael. She is stubborn and is used to always getting her way. After first meeting Michael Scott, she threatens to fire him if he doesn't like the changes. She is unorthodox.

Season 6

Jo Bennett is the tough CEO of Sabre, and first meets Michael Scott after he tries to tell Gabe to talk to her. She yells at Michael and tells him that he should think about his future at the company. She claims that Dunder Mifflin was the most mismanaged company she has ever seen. ("Sabre") She makes Gabe do everything, include catching her coat, and is in love with her dogs. She has wrote an autobiography, is a breast cancer survivor, but is tough and calls Michael and Jim "grown ass men," when they keep changing their minds about the regional manager job. She is funny. ("Manager and Salesman") She seems sweet, however, she has a mean side to her and snaps at Michael (although he was asking for it). She doesn't let the office go to the St. Patrick's Day party, and works hard. Her dogs are in commercials. She does redeem herself, though, and says that she will enjoy her professional relationship with Michael. ("St. Patrick's Day")


  • She wrote an autobiography, titled "Take a Good Look," and gave it to everyone in the office.
  • She is friends with Nancy Pelosi.


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