Jada Philbin

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Jada Philbin is Darryl Philbin's daughter (played by Taylar Hollomon ). She is 9 years old and her parents, Darryl and Justine, are divorced. Jada appears in only 3 episodes: "Classy Christmas", "Search Committee", and "Free Family Portrait Studio".

Season 4

Jada is first ever mentioned when Darryl rents Charlotte's Web for her and he has to choose whether to spend time with Kelly Kapoor (ex-girlfriend) or his daughter, in which he chose his daughter. Kelly then threw warehouse papers sitting on the cabinet in anger and Darryl calls her, cold.

Season 5

Jada is mentioned when Darryl purchases a Princess Unicorn doll for her.

Season 7

In "Classy Christmas", Darryl invites Jada to the office, but Jada is soon bored by how adult the party is.

In "Search Committee", to make a last-ditch attempt at getting the Regional Manager job, Darryl pretends to lose Jada, who runs into the office. However, Darryl's cuteness plan doesn't work.

Season 8

In Season 8, Darryl reveals that Jada is a Girl Scout and tries to win over Kevin Malone so Jada can get profit from selling a lot of cookies to him.

In "Free Family Portrait Studio", Jada comes in with Darryl for family pictures.

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