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Dwight: The purse girl hits everything on my checklist. Creamy skin. Straight teeth. Curly hair. Amazing breasts. Not for me, for my children. The Schrutes produce very thirsty babies.

Michael: Well, first what we have to do is find out what motivates people more than anything else.
Dwight: Sex.
Michael: It's illegal. Can't do that. Next best thing.
Dwight: Torture.

Michael: All right, girls! Break it up. You're being infiltrated. Cock in the henhouse!
Dwight: Cocks in the henhouse!
Michael: Don't say cocks.

Michael: I do read Small Businessman. I also subscribe to USA Today and American Way magazine, that's the in-flight magazine, some great articles in that. They did this great... profile last month of Doris Roberts and where she likes to eat when she's Phoenix. Illuminating.

Jan: We've created an incentive program to increase sales. At the end of the month, you can reward your top seller with a prize worth up to $1,000.
Michael: Whoa. Howdy ho. Wow, a thousand big ones. That's cool. Do, I, uh, do I get to pick the prize?
Jan: Uh, yes. Yes, you can.
Michael: Um, question: does top salesman include people who were at one time such outstanding salesman that they've been promoted to...
Jan: No, Michael, no. You, you can't win this prize.
Michael: I didn't mean me!

Pam: Uh, Michael...
Michael: Pam!
Pam: Hey, there's....
Michael: Burger with cheese!
Pam: There's a person...
Michael: And fries!
Pam: There's...
Michael: And shake! What? Go ahead.
Pam: There's a person here who wants to sell handbags.

Michael: [to Katy] No, here's the thing, you know? I do my best to be my own man and go by the beat of a different drummer and nobody gets me and they're always putting up walls and I'm always tearing 'em down, just breaking down barriers, that's what I do all day. So... a coffee?

Ryan: Wow. How many filet-o-fishes did you eat?

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