Gil was Oscar Martinez's boyfriend played by Tom W. Chick in the television series "The Office." He was seen in the episode, The Secret, when Dwight went to Oscar's house to see if Oscar was lying about being sick. Even though they are obviously in a relationship, Dwight is oblivious and spends time watching a movie with them. In the episode, Gay Witch Hunt, Michael mistakes him for Oscar's roommate after Jan Levinson gives Oscar a paid three month vacation. Gil is once again seen in the episode, A Benihana Christmas, but Oscar and Gil leave right after going into the office. In the Season 3 episode, Business School, Gil goes to Pam's art show, but doesn't like her art, calling it Motel Art, although Oscar disagrees.

Oscar mentions in Beach Games that he is planning to break up with Gil.

In Niagira Part 1, Kevin is mistaken for Gil while being introuduced to Pam's relative.


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