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Pam: [seeing Michael pouring gasoline all over the parking lot] Michael! Michael!
Michael: Hi.
Pam: Hi. I was just coming out to see what you were doing and to maybe stop you.
Michael: Oh, you know what, you have a siphon? I think I'm gonna run out of gas.
Pam: Why do you need more gas?
Michael: Well, I'm writing a message.
Pam: Is it a good message or a bad message?
Michael: I'm asking Holly a question in fire.
Pam: Are you proposing?!
Michael: Maybe.
Pam: Wow.
Michael: Hey, you know what? I've got gas all over my hands and my shoes. Would you light it? Would you do the honors please?
Pam: Yeah. Yeah, no problem. [grabs the lighter and runs away]
Michael: Pam.
Pam: Yep?
Michael: Could you light this please?
Pam: Michael, you've had two ideas today. And one of them was great. And the other one was terrible.
Michael: I am not in the mood for riddles, Pam.
Pam: This is terrible.

Michael: [imitating Yoda] Holly Flax, marrying me will you be?
Holly: [also imitating] Your wife becoming be will I.
[Michael puts the ring on Holly's finger, and they kiss as everyone else pours in to congratulate them]
Michael: So, guys, guys, guys, guys, we're moving to Colorado.
Kevin: All of us?
Michael: Yep.
Jim: Wait, what?
Michael: Holly has to go back to Colorado. I'm going with her. I'm leaving.
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