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Flexopolis Gym is a gym in Scranton, seen in the season 6 episode The Cover-Up. Its customers include Donna and Dwight.

Season 6

In The Cover-UpMichael sends Dwight to Flexopolis to investigate whether or not Donna is cheating on him. Dwight decides to attempt to seduce her into telling him, a method that proves faulty in many ways. At another point in the episode, Dwight gets up from the chair he's been heavily sweating in. An old lady asks him to wipe down the chair, to whom he insults. Later in the episode, Dwight takes over a spin cycle class that he is attending, when the other members start to follow his orders instead of the class's teacher.

Season 8

In Fundraiser, during the silent auction component of Senator Lipton's event, a membership to the Flexopolis Gym can be seen on one of the tables. Dwight can be seen calling them, asking how much a full year membership costs.