Mural revealed in Finale episode







This was a mural Pam painted after her original mural of the forest was vandalized by warehouse worker, Frank.

The mural was painted by Pam Halpert and is revealed in the Finale episode. It features the characters listed below. It also features buildings and sights from Scranton, PA where the show takes place.

Michael Scott

  • center, reclining behind a desk

Dwight Schrute

  • standing imposingly behind Michael

Angela Martin-Schrute

  • seated to the left of Dwight

Ryan Howard

  • sitting on a desk to the left of Angela, being hugged from behind by Kelly

Kelly Kapoor

  • hugging Ryan from behind

Oscar Martinez

  • seated leisurely to the left of Ryan

Meredith Palmer

  • standing with arms raised behind Oscar

Creed Bratton 

  • standing with arms raised to the left of Meredith

Clark Green

  • standing behind Oscar to the left of Pete

Pete Miller

  • standing behind Oscar to the right of Clark

Erin Hannon

  • leaning her arms on the reception desk behind Michael

Pam Halpert

  • dressed in her "painting clothes" standing behind the reception desk to the right of Erin, behind Michael

Jim Halpert

  • waving and seated at a desk to the right of Michael

Andy Bernard

  • standing and waving with his arm around Kevin behind Jim

Kevin Malone

  • standing with his arm around Andy behind Jim

Stanley Hudson

  • doing a crossword puzzle seated at a desk to the right of Jim

Nellie Bertram

  • leaning in the doorway behind Stanley

Toby Flenderson

  • standing and holding a cup to the right of Nellie

Darryl Philbin

  • seated at a desk in the separate office to the right of Toby

Phyllis Vance

  • knitting and seated at a desk across from Stanley
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