Elizabeth is a fictional character played by Jackie Debatin in the television series The Office.

Season 3

Dwight hires Elizabeth as a stripper for Bob Vance's bachelor party. After Elizabeth dances on Michael, he feels guilt and asks her to get up exclaiming, "This is wrong! I have a girlfriend!" Dwight decides to have her answer phones at the office as there is still time left for her services. Upon seeing her, Angela is disgusted. Elizabeth later gets some M&Ms from the receptionist's desk and comments to Pam on how she could strip. Later, Michael goes to Elizabeth for advice on whether he should tell Jan about the dance. Her words are "Secret secrets, are no fun; Secret secrets, hurt someone," prompting Michael to confess to Jan.

Season 4

In the episode Fun Run, Dunder Mifflin hires Elizabeth, dressed as a nurse, to accept their giant-sized check made out for $340 to Science. Michael does not seem to understand that she is just wearing a costume and believes that she went back to college and got a nursing degree.

Season 9

Jim hires Elizabeth as a stripper for Dwight's bachelor party, where she dresses as a waiter. Dwight, not understanding she's a stripper, requests food from her, and Jim gets it on camera.


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