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Dwight and Andy's Favor Swap was a series of favors that both parties did for one another to give back thanks in Double Date. Dwight's main motivation was for other office workers to owe him favors, and Andy's was just plain politeness. 

List of Favors

Dwight- New York Bagels

The favor swap starts when Dwight buys a whole box full of New York Bagels for the whole office. This favor is mainly meant for Michael, but Andy gives back first. 

Andy- Polished Briefcase

Andy comes up to Dwight in the break room and reveals Dwight's briefcase from behind his back, which is newly polished. Dwight is satisfied and decides to shoot higher. 

Dwight- Opened Door

Dwight leaps forwards and opens the door for Andy as the two stroll out back into the main office room. 

Andy- Opened Door

Andy does the same thing and uses his right hand to keep the door open as Dwight crosses the threshold. 

Dwight- Fitness Tip

Dwight gives Andy a piece of advice- "Hey, you know, here's a healthy fitness tip. If you clench your buttocks together while walking, you can really take the pressure off of your knees. 

Andy- Straightens Jacket

Andy seems to not have any more ideas for favors, but then leaps forward and jovially straightens Dwight's Jacket collar. 

Dwight- Straightens Tie

Dwight matches Andy quickly by straightening the latter's tie. 

Andy- Unfoggs Glasses

Andy yanks Dwight's glasses off of his face and unfoggs them using his breath and his cuff. 

Dwight- Offers a seat

Dwight sidestepps and offers Andy a seat at Andy's desk

Andy- Offers a seat

Before sitting down, Andy pulls Dwight's chair backwards too. 

Dwight- Changes Mouse Batteries

Dwight picks up Andy's mouse, announces that he will be swapping out the batteries, and runs off to find some, ignoring Andy's reassuring no's. 

Andy- Buys Tacos

Andy pulls a Dwight and buys lunch for everybody, which is tacos. 

Dwight- Makes Tacos

Dwight steps behind the counter and volunteers to make everybody's tacos. 

Dwight- Cleans Lunch Tables

The camera flips to an irrelevent scene, but then swoops back and shows Dwight, now cleaning up all of the taco messes. Andy tries to come into the conference room to help, but Dwight bolts the door shut. 

Dwight- Reaches a Note

Andy, who is too short to reach a note on the top of a shelf, enlists Dwight, who happily does it for him.

Andy- Gives out a Gift Card

Dwight realizes the note has a Starbucks Gift Card for everybody, and is getting miffed that Andy keeps interrupting him, and he is no closer to taking Jim down. 


Realizing that he's wasting his time on Andy, Dwight does not do any more favors and sets his sights on Michael, giving him a remedy for when he gets slapped by Pam. When Michael tells Dwight that he owes him, Dwight tries to pressure Michael into helping him overthrow Jim, but Michael refuses, and Dwight is exasperated. 

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