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"Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager" is the twenty-fourth episode of the seventh season of the American television comedy series The Office and is the show's 150th episode overall. It was written by Justin Spitzer and directed by Troy Miller. It originally aired on May 12, 2011. It was viewed by 6.45 million people.


When Deangelo Vickers ends up in a coma, Jo Bennett makes Dwight the interim regional manager before they find a proper replacement. Dwight establishes a strict management style, from making the employees say The Pledge of Allegiance, to setting up firewalls and long passwords to use the office's various machines, and installing antique punch clocks. Jim, who had turned down the temporary manager position believing that they should not be assigned one at all, is especially unhappy with the changes, and begins pranking Dwight by suggesting that he is leading an uprising called "The Fist". In order to impress Jo, Dwight buys a gun, though he is more excited when he receives a holster as a gift from a relative, and uses the gun to accessorize. Pam insists that he put it away, but Dwight accidentally fires the gun right by Andy, causing him temporary hearing loss. He attempts to bribe the office workers into silence with various favors, and Jim insists that Dwight do outlandish things (such as saying, "Shagedelic, baby!") at certain promptings.

Meanwhile, Gabe continues with his attempts to win back Erin. He invites Andy to go to the conference room to speak in private. He breaks down, and Andy promises he won't date Erin again. He confronts Andy with the promise after he sees the two hanging out together, but Andy stands up for himself and embarrasses Gabe by describing his crying fit to Erin. When asked whether or not he wants to date Erin, he does not give a straight answer, and eventually claims that it is between him and his diary.

When Jo comes to visit the branch, Dwight admits to the gun incident. He attempts to divert the blame to his employees, saying that blackmail is a bigger crime than firing a gun accidentally, but Jo takes the position away from him. Jo later puts Creed, who has the most experience and seniority in the office, in charge until a committee composed of Jim, Toby, and Gabe, find a replacement. While Jim tells Dwight that Jo did the right thing, he also compliments Dwight, noting that the office got every single company order out on time when he was in charge.

Deleted scenes

  • Jim and Jordan team up to prank Dwight
    • Dwight sends Jordan to report on the activities of the other employees. Jim takes the clipboard from her and starts writing. She asks him, "What about your deadline?" Jim replies that deadlines aren't everything.
    • Jordan delivers her report to Dwight. Among other things, Toby is getting stronger after being bitten by a spider, and Phyllis is selling a bunch of beet futures. This information gets Dwight all worked up. Out in the bullpen, Jim smiles.
    • In a talking head interview, Jordan says, "There's one guy in the office who's pretty funny." Her embarrased smile suggests that she has a crush on Jim.

Connections to previous episodes

  • Dwight has regional manager experience from episodes The Coup and The Job.
  • Dwight's interest in his coworkers' medical issues dates back to Health Care.
  • As Darryl takes Andy to the hospital, Andy limps inexplicably, similar to when Michael limps after Pam slaps him in Double Date.

Amusing details

  • Dwight as acting manager creates his first character, Gun Safety Dwight. This is similar to the many characters Michael used to do as manager.
  • Andy begins wearing short sleeved dress shirts much like Dwight, similar to the other times he mimics his superiors, a strategy he explicitly calls out in "The Return".
  • Oscar is disgusted that they carpeted over the hardwood floors of the office. Spoiler: He rediscovers this fact in future episode "Suit Warehouse. "Actually," hardwood floors are undesirable in offices because they reflect the sound, making the office noisier. Carpeting absorbs the sound.
  • During the Pledge of Allegiance, Oscar refuses to say the "under God" portion.
  • During the Pledge of Allegiance, Creed is holding his hands together as if praying.
  • On display in Dwight's office, along the wall next to the waiting area, are a set of red Samurai swords (from top to bottom: tantō, wakizashi and katana). They are a different set from the one in his house ("Money"). As before, Dwight mounts his swords with the handles on the right, indicating that he is ready for combat.[1] This is consistent with the cocked and loaded revolver that plays a significant role in the episode. (As with the set Dwight has at home, the swords in his office are also mounted upside-down, which will damage them due to constant pressure between the blade and the sheath.)
  • Dwight's revolver is cocked in the display case, and it remains cocked when he puts it in his holster, a demonstration of abysmally poor gun safety, and foreshadowing its ultimate firing.
  • When Dwight starts wearing a gun holster, Phyllis suggests putting his phone in it instead of an actual gun. Dwight's U.K. counterpart Gareth Keenan did exactly this.
  • When Oscar inspects the floor where Dwight fired his gun, he seems more concerned by the fact that the carpet is covering hard wood flooring than the fact that there is a bullet hole.
  • Dwight has a pet piranha in his office. In many parts of the U.S., it is illegal to possess a pet piranha. In Pennsylvania, they cannot be kept without a permit.
  • When Dwight massages Kevin, Oscar takes a photo of the event.
  • Dwight hasn't broken any laws, as Pennsylvania law allows citizens with permits to carry guns into their workspace, even if the workspace has a "No Guns" sign.
  • When Dwight accidentally fires the gun, Ryan hides behind Kelly.
  • After Dwight accidentally fires the gun, Creed takes the gun from Dwight and walks away. A few moments later, the gun is on Andy's desk.
  • Dwight's gun is a Remington Model 1875, although he misidentifies it as a Beaumont-Adams Revolver.

Cultural references

  • Dwight makes everyone recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Elementary school students in the United States recite the pledge at the start of each school day, although legal challenges have curbed the practice in recent years.
  • Jim compares his social club The Fist to the French Revolution, The Black Panthers and Communism.
  • Jim says Dwight reminds him of a Bond villain.
  • Dwight's desk is a replica of Udai Hussein's desk, which he claims to have seen in Newsweek.
  • Dwight imitates Yosemite Sam[2] during the conference room meeting.
  • Kelly wants to audition for American Idol, a popular reality TV singing competition.
  • "Shagadelic, baby!" is a catch phrase of Austin Powers, the character from the eponymous film series which parodies James Bond.


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