Dwight org chart
Dwight has created a hierarchy of the office workers as well as an "emergency powers" chart. It can be seen in the episode "Did I Stutter?"


Emergency Powers Chart

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  • Dwight's "Emergency Powers" chart[1] makes the following changes:
    • Next to his name is the symbol for radioactive materials. It also says "warnung vor radioaktiven und ionisierenden Strahlen" ("warning of radioactive and ionizing radiation").
    • Andy's name is crossed out.
    • The Warehouse staff is under a "lockdown".
    • Dwight's family members are listed as members of the hierarchy as follows:
      • Mose reports directly to Dwight.
      • Vater (German for "father") reports to Mose, and Mutter ("mother") reports to Vater.
      • Two people noted as Shirley and Heindl also report to Mose. Shirley is most likely Dwight's Aunt Shirley who died in Season 9.

Other Signifiers

  • Gender/Sexuality
    • Female symbol for women
    • Two male symbols for homosexuality
  • Race/Ethnicity
    • Black power fist for African-Americans. (Stanley, Daryll, Lonnie)
    • Four-leafed clover for Irish (Kevin)
    • Star of David with a question mark (Toby)
  • Menstrual
    • Waxing moon for 1st week, Half moon for second/third (the white flipped), waning moon for 4th week
    • Crossed out for post-menopausal.
  • Other
    • Graduate shilouette for Andy, referencing Cornell.


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