Dunderpedia: The Office Wiki
Dunderpedia: The Office Wiki

Info about the Dunderpedia server


The Dunderpedia server was created as a place for members to join and discuss things related to The Office and receive help with off-topic discussion posts, spam and vandalism. More information is provided below.


Channel name Channel purpose
Welcomes Provide a log of new members
Verification Verify your Dunderpedia username by typing
!wiki verify (your username)
to have roles assigned to you
Announcements A channel that receives announcements from other servers that are related to The Office and the Dunderpedia community
Dunderpedia help and reports A place to receive help for the wiki or to report vandalism, spam or off topic discussion posts
Server info Provides information about the server (This channel is currently empty, but information will be added eventually)
Off topic Post any memes and photography that aren’t related to The Office
Bots A place to use commands for any of the bots listed below
Level checking Check your current level on the server
Main discussion A place to talk about anything (it’s essentially similar to off topic)
Show discussion A place to talk about The Office (including your favorite episode, character, moment, etc)
Dunderpedia activity An activity log for this wiki supplied through Special:RecentChanges


Bot name Prefix Purpose Related character
Arcane Customized to $ Shows a member’s current level and ranking on the server’s leaderboard Ryan Howard
DSL (Server List bot) A bot that is mainly there because the Dunderpedia server is listed in the website it’s connected to Oscar Martinez
Dyno ? Shows info about the server and users Michael Scott
MEE6 ! Shows a members current level and also support welcome messages, which is planned to be added for the server Stanley Hudson
MountainBot m! Adds roles to users and also has moderation and level commands Dwight Schrute
Wiki-Bot !wiki Prpvides a log of activity for the Dunderpedia activity channel and also assigns roles for when users verify their wiki account Jim Halpert

Other information