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Dunderpedia: The Office Wiki

Staff Members are trusted and active users who have been granted special rights to administrate Dunderpedia.


30 Note, if this icon is shown next to a username, it means that they operate the Dunderpedia server

Username Editcount Message Wall link
Paramount1106 30 24 Message Wall:Paramount1106
DaHumorist 2824 Message Wall:DaHumorist
Username Editcount Message Wall link
Schroeswald 30 312 Message Wall:Schroeswald
Content / Discussion Mods:
Username Editcount Message Wall link
Waychillbro 30 827 Message Wall:Waychillbro
Liverpool92 30 4 Message Wall:Liverpool92
SchruteFarms10101 57 Message Wall:SchruteFarms10101
Past members:
Username Reason Message Wall link
Vozhan Resigned Message Wall:Vozhan
Muhdika Inactivity Message Wall:Muhdika
My Name Is Tom Message Wall:My Name Is Tom
Raymondc0 Message Wall:Raymondc0
Dwide Schrude Message Wall:Dwide Schrude
ArcherWasTaken Temporarily given Message Wall:ArcherWasTaken
UpnCbs06 Disabled account (Moved to Paramount1106) Message Wall:UpnCbs06

Staff Rank Descriptions

Founder.svg Bureaucrats

Bureaucrats have full power & head the Wiki. They can both grant and remove almost all available rights.

latest?cb=20171009234705 Administrators

Administrators are community leaders. They have full moderation control, can promote, demote, or Block users, and have access to nearly all administrative tools, as well as MediaWiki access.

latest?cb=20171015073916 Moderators

Moderators are trusted users who have been granted Content and Discussions Moderation Rights. Generally speaking, these users have all available user-rights besides the ability to grant other rights or edit MediaWiki.

latest?cb=20171015084325 Interns

Inters are semi-trusted users who have been granted temporary Rollback rights after their Résumé has been Suspended.

Joining Staff

Want to join the staff? Just submit your Résumé - a list of reasons for why you should become staff - on the Résumés page. Just be sure you fit the following criteria:

  • You’re active. Active users are always the most suitable for staff, so if you can prove that you are active & that you will stay active for a while, by making frequent contributions, hanging around in chat, or being friendly, then you’re golden.
  • You're established. We can’t very well just let random people we don’t know join Staff. You have to have been on this Wiki for at least two months, & you have to be somewhat well known. Be friendly & interactive with the community, then you’ll meet this criterion in no time. Furthermore, we generally require at least 1000 edits or posts as a benchmark for experience on the wiki.
  • You understand what you’re asking for. You have to know what an admin can do, how to rollback, & how to utilize the administrative powers before you acquire them, not after, otherwise we will have to school you through their uses. You also have to be responsible enough to respect the powers we may give you. If you can prove your responsibility, then you’re all set.
  • You have experience. This is not required, but it helps a lot. If you’ve been a mod or admin before on other Wikis or on similar websites such as Wikipedia, then that will make it much easier to become Staff.

Once you post your criteria, a Bureaucrat or Admin will review it. They will either accept, suspend, or reject it.

Résumé outcomes


Congratulations! You are now part of the Dunderpedia Staff!


In the common case that the Admin thinks that you aren't quite ready or that you need to fully prove yourself, your Résumé will be suspended. During this period of about a week, you're granted temporary rights to see if you are responsible enough for them. After the week is up, the same Admin will either accept or reject you. Be active and helpful, and you'll reach staff in no time.


Due to reasons that the Admin will list, your Résumé has been rejected. Unless specified otherwise, you are free to try again in one week.