Dunder Mifflin Syracuse is a branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company that is based in Syracuse, New York. They are almost a mirror image of the Scranton branch as shown in a deleted scene. 

After the Binghamton branch closes, salesmen from both Syracuse and Scranton fight over who gets their clients in the episode "Turf War." Harry Jannerone confronts Jim, Dwight, and Toby (who is acting as fictional salesman Lloyd Gross) directly over these clients. 

Harry talks about how the staff at the Syracuse branch are way more fun than the Scranton branch in a deleted scene. The cameras then show several staff members that seem to be exact replicas of Scranton branch staff, only more boring. 


  • Harry Jannerone - Salesman
  • Nelson Cardigan - Salesman
  • Mike Schave - Unknown
  • Ginelle - Human Resources
  • Sharon - Receptionist
  • Matt - Unknown, possibly salesman


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