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Dunder Mifflin Stamford was a branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company based out of Stamford, Connecticut.


From Season 1 to Season 3, Dunder Mifflin Stamford was Dunder Mifflin Scranton's main rival, often outperforming them in sales volume. In Season 3, after Jim Halpert transferred, the Stamford branch became one of the primary settings for the show The Office. As time passed and Dunder Mifflin began to lose money, the company's executive board decided that the Scranton branch was to be closed with some of its employees transferred to Stamford. The planned merger, which would have resulted in the new Dunder Mifflin Northeast branch, was, for the most part, solely based on keeping Stamford regional manager Josh Porter, who is seen by corporate as having the most potential, in the picture. Unfortunately for the Stamford branch, Josh leverages his potential new position with Dunder Mifflin into a senior management position at Staples. The subsequent power vacuum results in the closing of Stamford, with a few of the branch's employees transferring to Scranton. Jim Halpert, who held the position of Assistant Regional Manager under Josh, is offered the same position at the Scranton branch under Michael Scott. After deliberating, he later accepts the offer and moves back to Scranton.

Comparisons to Scranton

Compared to Scranton, the Stamford Branch generally seems much superior, both in terms of work ethic and appearance. The Stamford branch has a much more sleek, professional look, whereas the Scranton branch maintains a more comfortable "roomy" atmosphere. In terms of business, the Stamford branch also appears more professional, largely due to the lack of childish antics by its branch manager Josh Porter. However, the Stamford branch does share some unprofessional behavior with the Scranton branch, such as spending work time recreationally under the guise of "team-building" (Scranton watches movies, Stamford plays Call of Duty). Despite this, Stamford seems generally higher profile professionally, as it is planned to become the headquarters of all the branches north of Stamford in a corporate division known as "Dunder Mifflin Northeast". 


Former Employees





  • Polly - Receptionist

Product Oversight



  • All three Stamford employees who stay with the company in the wake of the merger would eventually become branch managers. Karen Filippelli became manager of Dunder Mifflin Utica sometime prior to "Branch Wars". Jim Halpert would be promoted to co-manager of the Scranton branch (and briefly the sole manager) from "The Promotion" to "Manager and Salesman". Finally, Andy Bernard would become manager of the Scranton branch as of "The List".

Behind the scenes

  • The office building at 333 Ludlow St in Stamford was used for the establishing shots of the Stamford office.
  • The Stamford branch set was constructed on the second sound stage, which contains the warehouse and temporary sets. It looks much nicer than the Scranton offices, in part because the show was given a bigger budget.[1]
  • The original idea was for Jim to return to Scranton after eight episodes, but the writers weren't totally sure they could leave Jim separated for that long.[1] They ended up sticking to their original plan, because the two branches merged in the eighth episode of the season.


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