The Nashua branch as seen in their local ad.

Dunder Mifflin Nashua is a branch of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company that is based out of Nashua, New Hampshire.

The first mention of the Nashua branch was in the episode "Local Ad" when Michael Scott is shown the Nashua branch's local commercial. The branch makes its first appearance in "Lecture Circuit Part 2" as one of the branches Michael and Pam Beesly make a presentation at.

The branch is also used as part of the plot of "Employee Transfer," where Holly Flax and Michael take a "road trip" after the CFO transfers Holly back to her old branch because of her relationship with Michael. Holly moves to Nashua during the episode.

In one of the deleted scenes of "Branch Wars," Michael lists a specific characteristic of each branch, explaining that Nashua has "no parking." Pam also mentions that "the branch is only accessible through cross country skiing" meaning that the branch is in a rural area.



Regional Manager of the Nashua Branch

We know very little about the staff members of the Nashua branch other than Holly. In "Lecture Circuit Part 2", Pam makes up names for a few: "Blazer," "Freckles," "Penguin," and "K.D. Lang." The branch's regional manager, portrayed by actor James McElroy (also seen in the second-season episode Booze Cruise) can be seen fairly clearly in the local commercial from Local Ad.

In the episode Survivor Man, Toby Flenderson mentions that a man named Mark Chisholm attended Ryan Howard's wilderness retreat, indicating that Chisholm is a regional manager. It is possible that he is the regional manager of the Nashua branch, though he could just as well be the regional manager for Rochester, Akron, Camden, or Yonkers.


  • The Nashua Branch may have hired the first female HR worker of Dunder Mifflin as in the episode "The Dundies", Dwight mentions there not being any female HR workers for the company.
  • It's possible that Nashua has more than one HR rep, seeing as how Holly was (twice) temporarily transferred to Scranton to replace Toby and it's unlikely that she would’ve been asked to do that if she was the only HR rep at Nashua because then they would also have to find a replacement for her too.


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