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Dunder Mifflin Infinity was a Web site ran by NBC. Inspired by the Web site introduced in the episode Dunder Mifflin Infinity, fans of the show could log onto the Web site and participate in activities to earn Schrute Bucks.


Fans joined one of dozens of Dunder Mifflin branch offices scattered throughout the country, always set in medium-sized cities similar to those used in the real show, and each led by a Regional Manager. Due to overwhelming demand, the initial small number of branches was greatly expanded, and eventually virtual Dunder Mifflin branches could be found worldwide. When Dunder Mifflin Infinity 1.0 returned from its summer hiatus, Dunder Mifflin Infinity 2.0 was started, and the number of branches was scaled to 100, from across the US and Canada

Every week, Corporate assigned a new task to all employees, and branches collectively submit their entries. Tasks tended to be creative in nature. The "winner" of each task was determined by a vote of registered users.

Dunder Mifflin Infinity 1.0Edit

The first round of Dunder Mifflin Infinity ran concurrently with Season 4 of The Office. The tasks assigned by Corporate were as follows:

Week # Title Inspired by Description
1 Logo Design Dunder Mifflin Infinity Design a Dunder Mifflin logo
2 Pam Pam Use a template to produce a drawing of a more youthful Creed
3 Launch Party Video Launch Party Produce a video of your virtual branch's launch party
4 Schrute Farms Review Money Write a review of Schrute Farms on TripAdvisor
5 Local Ad Local Ad Film a local ad for your virtual branch
6 Copier Caper Branch Wars Play an online game
7 Green Poster Survivor Man Create a poster showing that Dunder Mifflin cares about the environment
8 Motivational Poster N/A Use a template to create a motivational poster
9 Theme Song Local Ad Perform an original theme song for Dunder Mifflin
10 Dunder Mifflin Uniform N/A Design a new warehouse uniform
11 Holiday Cards N/A Design a holiday card
12 New Hire N/A Find as many new hires as possible for your virtual branch
13 Resolutions N/A Write New Year's resolutions for your branch
14 DMI Calendar N/A
15 Take A Guess N/A Play a memory game
16 Personality Quiz N/A Take a personality quiz to see which character you are most like.
17 Dwight's Perfect Companion Valentine's Day Fill out a personality profile to determine which DMI participant is "Dwight's Perfect Companion"
18 Mission Statement N/A Write a mission statement for your virtual branch
19 Business Card N/A Design a business card for your virtual branch
20 Memory Game N/A Play a memory game
21/22 Trivia Challenge N/A Take a trivia quiz about the Scranton branch
23 April Fool's Day N/A Create a prank to be placed on NBC's main The Office web page
24 Corporate Ethics Test N/A Take an ethics quiz based on events at the Scranton branch
25 Party Flyer N/A Make up an event at your virtual branch and design a flyer for it
26 Music Video Dinner Party Create a music video for Hunter's song.
27 Supply Catalog Chair Model Create an entry for an office supply catalog
28 Drink Recipe Night Out Invent a new drink
29 Sell Your Vehicle Did I Stutter? Create a fake for-sale ad for your vehicle
30 Golf Game Job Fair Play an online game of miniature golf
31 Going Away Party Goodbye, Toby Plan a going-away party for a special employee
N/A Regional Manager Performance Review N/A Rate your virtual branch's regional manager
N/A Summer Splash Task - Golf Tournament N/A Participate in an online round of golf at the First Annual Dunder Mifflin Infinity Deborah Shoshlefski Memorial Golf Tournament
N/A Summer Splash Task - United Way Charity Fundraiser N/A Raise money for the charity of your choice

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