Dunder Mifflin Corporate Headquarters was the corporate office of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. It was located in New York City on 1345 Sixth Ave between 54th and 55th Streets in the Alliance Bernstein building.[1]

It was shut down following Sabre's buyout of the company, however David Wallace bought Dunder Mifflin back from Sabre, meaning that a new corporate office was opened.



Former EmployeesEdit

  • Jan Levinson - Former Corporate Manager (fired)
  • Ryan Howard - Former Vice President of Regional Sales (fired and arrested)
  • Hunter - Formerly Jan's Assistant (fired)
  • Randall - Former Chief Financial Officer (resigned)
  • David Wallace - CFO prior to Dunder Mifflin being bought by Sabre, CEO after he buys DM back

Employees of Unknown StatusEdit


  1. Establishing shot in the episode "The Job".