Unanswered Questions from The Show Edit

1) Angela states that she sings in one episode but in a later episode states she doesn't like music.

2) Angela is a vegetarian but in a conversation about dinner with Dwight says she doesn't want to go somewhere with vegetables.

3) Andy talks about his stepmum in an episode but we know from later episodes that his parents have never been separated.

4) Meredith says she had her second kid for child support...but in later episodes she has just the one son.

5) Ronni is in the receptionist's chair during Dwight's third arbor day as Recyclops, but it is said in "Weight Loss: Part One" that she was hired sometime during the week of July 7.

6) Michael references Hillary Swank in The Fight while making fun of Dwight, but claims to not know who she is during the debate in Prince Family Paper

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