Date Mike is a rowdy and wild persona that Michael Scott adopts when he goes on a date. However, Michael is unaware that the Date Mike persona is unappealing.


When Michael meets Pam and Jim's friend, Julie, he doesn't realize he is being set up on a date until Jim alerts him. Michael then becomes Date Mike, a young man on the prowl, trying desperately to be cool and impress women. His attempts to show off backfire and tend to result in damage to the bar. When he dances on the pool table, the bar manager Donna asks him to leave. ("Happy Hour") Date Mike's attire consists of an unbuttoned shirt with collar pulled out of the jacket and a Kangol hat worn backwards. Date Mike's catch phrase is "Nice to meet me." Another phrase Date Mike says is, "Hi, I'm date Mike. Nice to meet me. How do you like your eggs in the morning?" Michael developed his Date Mike character by watching reality dating shows, learning most of it from the losers.

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