This is a listing of The Office DVD sets.

DVD Cover DVD # of Discs Release Date Season
Season1DVD Season 1 DVD 1 August 16, 2005 Season 1
In season 1, we are introduced to the employees of the Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.
Season2DVD Season 2 DVD 4 September 12, 2006 Season 2
Season 2 furthers the relationship between Jim and Pam and also creates new relationships between Michael and Jan, Ryan and Kelly, and also Dwight and Angela. Rumors of downsizing continue to haunt the Scranton branch, resulting in the firing of one employee. Additionally, the tension in Jim and Pam's relationship builds immensely leading to a shocking finale.
Season3DVD Season 3 DVD 4 September 4, 2007 Season 3
Jim Halpert begins the season in the Stamford branch, having moved there to avoid the pain of his unrequited feelings for Pam, who (unknown to Jim) cancelled her wedding with Roy. When the Stamford and Scranton branches merge, the two are brought back together, but things aren't the same: Jim has a new girlfriend.

The season's primary dramatic focus is the gradual emergence of a newer, more confident Pam.

Season4DVD Season 4 DVD 4 September 2, 2008 Season 4
With Jim and Pam finally in a budding relationship, trouble starts to brew between the office's other couples. It's splitsville for Dwight and Angela when Dwight mercy kills Angela's cat, leading her into the arms of another suitor - Andy. Michael's frustration with Jan's controlling ways culminates in a violent break-up, but she comes back with a surprise. Also, Ryan's new corporate position changes him and Dunder Mifflin says goodbye to Toby.
Season5DVD Season 5 DVD 5 September 8, 2009 Season 5
Pam goes to art school with the support of Jim, and big happenings in that area occur. Andy, Dwight, and Angela attend to unfinished business, and Kelly and Ryan briefly get back together. As Michael is forced to break up with Holly Flax, corporate is trying to find out why Dunder Mifflin Scranton is succeeding. Toby returns from Costa Rica. Then, a new boss wreaks havoc, and Michael starts his own company, which Pam and Ryan join, however it fails, but manages to make a massive dent in Dunder Mifflin clients. Pam becomes a salesperson, and another shocker between Jim and Pam occurs in the finale. Lastly, Dunder Mifflin gets a new receptionist, Kelly Erin Hannon.
TheOffice S6 DVD Season 6 DVD 6 September 7, 2010 Season 6
Pam and Jim get married and have a baby. Dunder Mifflin Scranton is now a division of Sabre.
Seasonseven Season 7 DVD 5 September 6, 2011 Season 7
Michael leaves the office and gets a new manager, Deangelo Jeremitrius Vickers.
The Office Season 8 Season 8 DVD 5 September 4, 2012 Season 8
Andy Bernard is in charge of the office as the new manager.
The Office S9 DVD Season 9 DVD 5 September 3, 2013 Season 9
This is the Last Day of the Office for all of them.
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