Cynthia was Stanley Hudson's mistress on NBC's hit show, The Office. She was at first, Stanley's nurse, however, a relationship budded between them. With Terri out of town, Stanley and Cynthia went to a club called Tinks, where they were seen by the summer interns Megan, Eric, and Maurie, Michael learns that Stanley is having an affair, and accidentally tells Terri over the phone. Terri and Stanley stay together however.

Cynthia was Stanley's guest at Jim and Pam's wedding. Cynthia and Stanley both danced during the JK Wedding Dance parody.

Stanley takes Cynthia to the garden party at Schrute Farms. Dwight and Gabe refers to her as "Stanley's Mistress". In a deleted story line from that episode, Stanley breaks up with her which explains her absence from the show since that episode. 


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