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An X from the Dunder Code

An X from the Dunder Code

"Customer Loyalty" is the twelfth episode of the ninth season of the American television comedy series "The Office" and is the show's 188th episode overall. It was written by Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller and directed by Kelly Cantly. It aired on January 24, 2013. It was viewed by 4.19 million people.

In the episode, Dwight tries to prevent Darryl's move to Athlead. Jim is forced to miss Cece's first recital when a big investor exits his new company, to Pam's intense disappointment. Nellie exposes Pete and Erin. And we start to see behind the scenes of the documentary.


Dwight is digging through some old accounting files when to his amazement, he discovers a letter from one of the company's founders, Robert Dunder, a letter detailing that he has found a rare treasure that he has hidden away for someone to find. Dwight deduces that it must be the holy grail and begins to follow the trail of clues to it. Pam suspects this may be one of Jim's pranks and calls him. Jim realizes that it is and that he set that prank up years ago and refers to it as The Dunder Code. He has however, forgotten what happens when Dwight gets to the end of the trail. Pam and the others watch as Dwight follows the clues and eventually ends up searching the warehouse. Pam tells Jim that they didn't find anything however it is shown that the goblet Jim had placed at the end of the trail has wound up as a coffee cup for a warehouse worker.

Nellie has assembled a taskforce made up of Pete and Erin. Their goal was to create a Facebook page for the company. They explain how they had created several fake profiles and liked the page in order to appear that the company is very popular. Nellie is very proud that she chose those two to work together.

Jim is excited as he is coming back to Scranton to see Cece in a ballet that she has been practicing for awhile. He and Pam agree to meet and catch up after a meeting with an investor.

Darryl comes in with a bag with Jim's company printed on the side. Dwight laughs at the name "Athlead" and mocks Jim for his new job. Darryl defends Jim however and also mentions how he soon will be working full-time for them. Dwight is horrified that Jim is taking Darryl away and suspects that Jim is planning to steal each employee one by one.

Pam asks Angela if the Senator has mentioned anything about a mural. Pam reveals how the Senator recently picked her as a candidate to paint an Irish Heritage mural downtown and she hopes to be the one picked.

Dwight asks Clark to print out any customer complaints on Darryl however the old printer leads to very slow printing.

Nellie congratulates Pete and Erin on their great job however she soon realizes that there is an attraction between the two. Nellie is horrified with herself as she is the one who paired them up on the project. She plans to keep them apart to help Andy as she wants to pay Andy back for being willing to write the recommendation letter for her to the adoption agency.

Dwight pretends to be willing to go out and get everyone coffee by having everyone sign their names on a sheet however Phyllis discovers that the sheet is actually a document asking for a pledge of loyalty to the company. Darryl tells Dwight that he is overreacting. Dwight holds a meeting where he tries to convince people to stay as loyalty is important. Nellie also uses the opportunity to talk about a different kind of loyalty, loyalty to your partner. Kevin however brings up how he believes that Pete and Erin are flirting with each other to which both deny.

Dwight tries again to convince Darryl to stay however when Darryl tells Dwight he will be leaving the company.

Pam calls Jim to see if he is close however Jim reveals he is still in Philadelphia. Jim talks about how the meeting has gone on for a very long time because the investor they were meeting with got nervous and has decided to back out of the deal. Jim is very sad that he will not be able to see Cece's ballet recital and asks Pam if she can record it on her phone. He is nervous as Pam is usually not very good with her phone however Pam insists she can do it.

Darryl is told he is needed to go on a paper shipment and climbs into the truck. The driver however has their head low and a hat pulled over their face. They reveal suddenly that they are Dwight! Dwight tells Darryl that they are going on a paper shipment together so that Dwight can show Darryl all the fun there is in working at a paper company.

Nellie is happy to see that she has saved Andy's girlfriend from going to Pete however as she talks to Toby, Toby reveals how Andy did not treat her very well and that Nellie may have broken up a very real and happy relationship. Nellie resolves to fix this however she is somewhat perplexed when Toby starts holding her hand and comments that "they don't have what we do". Nellie suddenly remembers that she kissed Toby at the Christmas party and appears regretful.

When Pam is recording Cece's ballet recital, her phone goes off much to the annoyance of the other parents in the audience. Pam becomes very excited when she learns that the call is telling her that she has been picked to paint the mural.

Dwight tries several tactics to make Darryl have fun including playing loud music, playing sports, getting fast food, and throwing a milkshake at an employee as a practical joke. Darryl however does not find Dwight's prank amusing and steals the keys so Dwight can't drive away. The manager then makes Dwight clean it up and another driver throws one at him.

Jim is still very stressed out as he attempts to persuade the investor to come back. The investor still appears reluctant.

Things are now very awkward between Pete and Erin and as Nellie observes this, she feels guilty and decides to get them back together.

Pam tries to show the video of Cece's ballet recital to Kevin and Oscar however Pam accidentally turned the video off when she took the phone call and she never got the rest of it. Angela accuses Pam of accepting a phone call over her child however Pam does not tell them what the phone call was about. She tells the cameras that she wants Jim to be the first one to know that she will be the one to paint the mural as she likes it when Jim gets very excited about her art.

Nellie calls Pete and Erin back together and tells them that since they work so well together, she will be forcing them to work together and that they will have no choice but to keep talking to each other.  Pete and Erin seem very happy about this and leave with smiles on their faces. Nellie however seems rather confused when Toby congratulates her and begins to give her a shoulder massage.

As Dwight and Darryl return, Dwight tries to convince Darryl that they had fun however Darryl still tells Dwight that he will work for Jim's company.

Pam calls Jim and asks him how the meeting went. Jim is very stressed and annoyed as the investor had decided to back out. He asks Pam if she can send him the video recording of Cece to cheer him up however Pam admits she did not get it. She tries to tell Jim about her getting picked to paint the mural however Jim goes off and berates Pam for not being able to film it. The two soon get in a heated argument before they hang up. Pam starts crying and one of the documentary crew members, Brian, asks Pam if she is ok. He proceeds to comfort her and tell her that everything will be OK.

Darryl watches the video of the driver who hit Dwight with a drink when he was cleaning up the kitchen when he threw a drink on the fast food employee. Darryl laughs as he watches it several times. He then admits that this will be a part of the job that he will miss.

Cultural References

  • The Dunder Code is a reference to the popular book and movie The DaVinci Code.

Connections to Previous Episodes

  • Dwight recognizes the existence of invisible ink and knows immediately to heat it up -- in Casual Friday, Dwight employed urine as invisible ink, instructing Andy and others to "heat my words."
  • Kevin recognizes the poker hand as a flush, a reference to his skills as a poker player first mentioned in Casino Night.
  • Phyllis is once again the one who sees through Dwight trying to get everyone to sign a sheet.
  • Meredith is still wearing a wig after having shaved her head, albeit a different one.

Amusing details/Trivia

  • The Creed Bratton "Get Glue" sticker was released alongside the episode.
  • This is the first time a member of the film crew has appeared onscreen.


  • The YouTube video of Dwight getting hit by the milkshake is quite different from the scene shot by the documentary crew following Dwight. The biggest difference is in the YouTube video, the milkshake splatters across Dwight's shirt instead of his pants leg.
  • While Dwight is on the quest for the grail at the start of the episode, he finds a key above Angela's desk in the ceiling panel. Jim said he put it there 6 or 7 years ago. However, in Seasons 5's "Stress Relief" (Episode 14/15), long after Jim would have put the key there, everyone is trying to escape the building during the fake fire. Oscar climbs into the same ceiling panel that Dwight finds the key in. The key would have been lost or found when Oscar climbed up or Angela threw her cat Bandit in the ceiling to try getting him out. In either case, it would have been long gone by season 9.
  • In the previous episode "Suit Warehouse", the employees of Dunder Mifflin are shown tearing up the office's carpet after drinking many cups of espresso. In this episode, the carpet is seen undamaged.


Main Cast

Supporting Cast

Guest Cast

  • Chris Diamantopoulos as Brian
  • Ben Silverman as Coworker
  • Brian Wittle as Isaac


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