Creed Bratton is a fictional character played by Creed Bratton (actor) in the television series The Office.

Season 1:

Season 2:

Creed eats mung beans, which even he acknowledges "Smell like death."

Offers to show kids that he only has 4 toes on one foot

Season 3:

  • Creed says that he may have made love to a man during the 1960's.
  • Creed thinks it's okay for babies to play with paper clips. (He has extra paper clips.)
  • Creed is eager to help Dwight battle the bat, as well as Jim (who Dwight believed was becoming a vampire)
  • Creed used to be homeless and lives in the office four days a week. His place is in Toronto, taking advantage of the welfare state.
  • Has faked his own death and, at one point, was living off of his life insurance payout.
  • Creed prefers natural, unaugmented breasts, as he tells the camera after news of Jan's surgery gets out. "Swing low, sweet chariots," as he puts it.
  • Creed seems to work on his blog frequently, but he doesn't know that it's just a Word document that Ryan set up for him, telling Creed it was a blog. Ryan says he read some of it and that it was disturbing.

Season 4:

  • Creed's real name is suggested to be William Charles Schneider (which is the actor's birth name). When Creed has money problems, he transfers his debt to this identity.

Creed's lack of morals

  • Steals gambling chips. ("Casino Night")
  • Steals office supplies - mentioned. ("Casino Night")
  • Steals candy bars. ("Casino Night")
  • Has been in prison at least once, during his photo ID session in Drug Testing, Creed assumes a profile pose after being photographed from the front, in a manner similar to a mugshot,
  • Sells office equipment online. ("Branch Closing", Producer's Cut)
  • Takes a toy from a toy drive collection box. ("A Benihana Christmas")
  • Steals a laminating machine from the sheriff's office, used to start a fake ID business which he runs from his car. ("Cocktails")
  • Attaches his wedding card to another guest's gift. ("Phyllis' Wedding")
  • Takes $40 from Michael - implied when he returns it. ("The Negotiation")
  • Takes up a fake collection for Debbie Brown. ("Product Recall")
  • Creed lives in Toronto three days a week to take advantage of the welfare state.
  • Has faked his own death and, at one point, was living off of his life insurance payout.(Product Recall)
  • Lies about his age, claiming at various points to be 82 ("Fun Run") and 30 ("Dunder Mifflin Infinity").

Recurring Jokes

  • Creed is unable to remember the names of his coworkers.


  • Creed Bratton is actually Creed Bratton from the Sixties band, The Grass Roots. Although not specifically acknowledged in the show, Creed appears to be playing a parody of himself. In a deleted scene from the Booze Cruise, Creed picks up a guitar and rocks out.
  • In a deleted scene, he says he used to be a member of The Grass Roots, then says he became a salesman at Dunder-Mifflin due to drug use. He claims it still plays a part in his job. However, in ("Product Recall") Creed is in charge of quality control.
  • Creed claims to have spent time in an iron lung as a teenager. ("The Injury")
  • Creed claims to have had his own radio show in the 1970s, using the name "DJ Wacky Weed Creed." ("The Return")
  • Creed has extensive knowledge of potentially addictive pain killers. ("Fun Run")
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