Colin is an employee for the start-up sports marketing company Athlead. He is one of the founding members of the company, and went to college with Jim.

Season 9

In "Here Comes Treble", Colin, Jim and the other Athlead founders discuss the company's workspace, logos and investments. After Jim pledges the full $10,000 into the company,  Colin congratulates him, saying "Welcome Aboard!".

In "Lice", Colin tells Jim that the limousine transporting Jim to Julius Erving's personal gym has arrived.

In "Suit Warehouse", Colin is one of the employees conducting Darryl's Athlead interview.

In "Customer Loyalty", Colin tells Jim that they have an important meeting with Peter Rowley of Bridgeport Capital. This meeting prompts Jim to miss Cece's dance recital, the main plotline of the episode.

Colin can also be seen in the background in Vandalism and Promos.

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