"Christmas Wishes" is the tenth episode of the eighth season and the show's 162nd episode overall. It aired on December 8, 2011. It was written by Mindy Kaling and directed by Ed Helms. The episode was viewed by 5.79 million people.


Andy attempts to make everyone's Christmas wishes come true. At a conference meeting, he vows to keep his promise to make wishes and asks the office members to also be nice to his new girlfriend Jessica. An emotionally confused Erin tries to be nice to Jessica, but ends up drinking too much at the party. In a drunken stupor, she tells Andy that her Christmas wish is for Jessica to die. Kelly does her part as a friend of Erin's by being mean to Jessica. Andy becomes concerned about Erin's behavior, not least because Robert has revealed that his marriage is ending and spends a good deal of the party hanging out with Erin. When Andy has to drive a drunken Meredith home, he sees Erin getting into Robert's car and he follows them with a look of panic on his face. However, he covertly witnesses Robert being a gentleman and sending Erin off to her apartment with a hug and words of encouragement, and drives away with a smile on his face.

Christmas Wishes (The Office)

Meanwhile, Dwight and Jim's pranking has caused Kathy to ask Andy to move her to a different desk. In turn, Andy sternly tells Dwight and Jim to quit their childish behavior. He tells them that the next one to pull a prank will lose their Christmas bonus, and the target of the prank will get the prankster's share. Unfortunately, Andy's plan backfires, as both Dwight and Jim attempt to frame the other. Jim loudly releases his credit card information hoping Dwight will steal it and buy something ridiculous. However, Dwight orders a $200 dollar bouquet of flowers for Pam. Dwight then proceeds to put a porcupine in his desk and blame Jim. However, a verbal slip-up causes him to inadvertently reveal his intentions. Jim, in retaliation, defaces a picture of his daughter, Cece, and blames Dwight. After Andy mentions that defacing a picture is a fireable offense, Jim admits he staged the crime. Andy admits to Jim that he's nixing the bonus-loss plan, he just wants their behavior to not interfere with their job performances. Jim promises Andy to tone the jokes down and tells him he will tell Dwight. Meanwhile, Dwight continues to deface his own property, writing "Jim is awesome" on his car and "Idiot" on his forehead. Jim, smirking, tells the camera that he needed to tell Dwight something, but can't quite remember.

Deleted scenes

  • Kathy moves to Andy's old desk, and Dwight speaks to her. Then, a drunk Erin throws a package for Jim at Kathy. Finally, Dwight mixes several disgusting materials in a bucket and puts it on top of a door so it falls on Jim. However the bucket falls on Kathy who walks in the room.

Cultural references

  • One previous Christmas party theme is Pulp Fiction, a movie directed by Quentin Tarantino. This theme was probably due to Michael's love of movies.
  • Jim says he got Stanley tickets to see stand-up comedian Lewis Black for his birthday.
  • Out of your league is slang for someone or something significantly superior, against which one has little to no chance of success. It is most often applied to dating.
  • Robert wishes Kelly a "Happy Pancha Ganapati," a five-day Hindu festival in December. Kelly is bewildered first, because she is very unaware of her Hindu background (as shown in Diwali), and because not all Hindus celebrate all Hindu festivals.
  • Robert says he's tired of The Black Eyed Peas.
  • Darryl tells Val she usually dresses like a Ghostbuster and Val says that now she's dressed like a contestant on the reality show Dancing With The Stars.
  • Erin is shown dancing to Dynamite by Taio Cruz.
  • Midway through the party, Dwight enters the conference room and sets up his own speaker system to play "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24", a heavy metal medley of traditional Christmas songs performed by Savatage and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
  • The song Dwight turns off is "Christmas Time Is Here" by Vince Guaraldi Trio, famously from A Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • Ryan tells Kelly that her computer has viruses because she clicks on a lot of Kardashian links.
  • Oscar says he used to be a mixologist and says he needs a mortar and pestle, a muddler and chocolate shavings.
  • When Darryl shows up in a tuxedo, Creed says he looks like a "real Clarence Thomas".

Connections to previous episodes

  • Stanley mentions different themes for past office Christmas parties: Honolulu Christmas, Pulp Fiction Christmas, Muslim Christmas, Moroccan Christmas (from the eponymous episode), and Mo Rocca [1] Christmas.
  • Kevin mentions Robert's wife leaving him which happened in Mrs. California.
  • Dwight says that two separate times Jim has set him up to believe that he was being recruited by the CIA (A Benihana Christmas). Jim says it's been three times.
  • It is revealed Meredith is a hoarder. This is another form of addiction like her cigarette smoking, nymphomania, and alcoholism. Possibly, drug addiction as well.
  • This is yet another occasion that Andy publicly mentions his penis in the presence of Erin.
  • Erin does her impression of Stanley.  Stanley is the most-often-imitated member of the staff.

Amusing details

  • Erin says she had scoliosis. Phyllis also had scoliosis as a young girl and thought she might have been Erin's mother at the end of the seventh season.
  • Oddly enough, Andy's attempt to quell the prank war between Dwight and Jim launches a self-prank war that is bigger than their usual prank war.
  • Robert California's observation that The Black Eyed Peas are "rock for people who don't like rock, rap for people who don't like rap, pop for people who don't like pop" gets a genuinely appreciative nod from hipster Ryan.


Christmas Gifts

  • Meredith gives Jim a pamphlet on vasectomies.
  • Ryan and/or Kelly give Angela a maternity shirt that says "Ask, then touch."
  • Oscar gives Kevin a cookie jar that is a bust of a sexy woman.


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