"Christmas Special, Part 1" is the first part of the Christmas Specials, which is sometimes considered to be the third season. It was written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant and aired on the BBC on December 26, 2003. It takes place three years later from the previous episode, "Interview." It was a special 45 min episode.


Another camera crew returns to catch up on the stars of the previous two series, who have been made famous by the documentary. David Brent is selling cleaning products and unsuccessfully trying to launch a music career by making celebrity appearances in nightclubs, and Tim and Gareth are still working together at Wernham Hogg, where Gareth has been made general manager and Tim has a new annoying pregnant desk-mate. Brent still visits the office, which Gareth and Neil dislike. Dawn and Lee have moved to Florida, but Lee does not seem to respect her ambitions or make her happy; the crew offers to fly them back to England to attend the office's Christmas party.

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