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The Christmas Party Showdown was a skirmish between the Committee to Plan Parties  (led by Pam Beesly and Karen Filipelli) and the Party Planning Committee (led by Angela Martin) in A Benihana Christmas. Both committees battled for partygoers, a fight which the Committee to Plan Parties won. Afterwards, Pam and Karen made amends with Angela, and the three merged parties. 

Karen Exiled

The Christmas Party Showdown started when after Karen proposed ideas to the Party Planning Committee to make the people from Dunder Mifflin Stamford seem more at home, such as a drinking game, karaoke machine, and margarita. Angela vetoed all of these ideas and capped it off by harshly kicking Karen from the committee. 

Pam's Proposal

Feeling sympathetic for Karen, Pam talks to Karen and the two decide to make a party of their own, hanging up their more vibrant invitation sign right above Angela's. When Kelly comments that the Margarita-Karaoke Christmas party sounds like fun, Angela explodes and snapps at Kelly, Pam, and Karen, before storming away. 

Dwight and Jim Interfere

Dwight, the Office #3 who Angela is secretly dating, rushes to her aid and forcefully demands for the Committee to Plan Parties to be shut down. Jim sees what's going on and the Office #2 assists Pam and Karen, by making The Committee to Determine the Validity of the Two Committees and approves The Committee to Plan Parties, before denying Dwight access into his Committee. 

The Grand Openings

Both parties open at the same time, causing all of the office workers to freeze and consider their options.


Stanley is the first to stand up. After looking between the two parties, he lumbers into Pam and Karen's party, causing them to whoop with glee and Angela to fume. 

Kelly and Ryan

Inspired by Stanley, Kelly drags Ryan over to the Margarita-Karaoke party, making Angela feel desperate when Hannah Smoterich-Barr stands up. 


Angela takes the first move and invites Hannah warmly to her party. Hannah accepts the greeting and steps into the conference room, right before Meredith starts to walk. 


Angela, with a tone of mock politeness, shouts, "Meredith, if you don't come to my party, you will be very sorry!" 

This clearly backfires on Angela. Meredith makes a suspicious face and says, "Is that a threat?" 

Angela tries to recover her mistake, but Meredith already passed through the threshold to the break room. 


Kevin is shown to be contemplating between parties, saying that Angela's party has double fudge, but Pam and Karen's party doesn't have Angela. In the end, Kevin's taste buds are too overpowering, and he waddles into the Nutcracker Christmas Party. 

Angela's Scheme

When Karen and Pam start up the karaoke machine, they are dismayed to find that a vital cord is missing. It is later shown that Angela stole the cord to sabatoge the other party and hid it in a potted plant. Of course, nobody knows this and most partygoers start to head for the door. But Darryl saves the day by grabbing his synthesizer from the warehouse and lending it to Pam and Karen to replace the karaoke machine. As he walks towards the office door, Phyllis, who is required to stay in Angela's party, seems desperate to leave and go to the Margarita-Karaoke party, and looks longingly towards the break room. 

The Merging

When Michael, Dwight, Jim, and Andy return from Benihana's, Dwight wins the raffle and Pam and Karen enter enemy territory to give him his rightful present. While they are there, they propose a merging to Angela, who accepts the offer and "finds" the power cord in the plant's soil. The parties end with the karaoke machine in full effect, with office workers belting out tunes. 

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